Is Summer Southern Winter?

Reading all the winter blogs I was struck with a realisation; actually I tend to come to this realisation all the time but until recently I didn’t have a forum to rant about it.  My children & husband are easily bored and in the case of my children vociferous in their disinterest, Gav just looks sad until I let him escape.  I forgot the realisation didn’t I.  Oops; wow my digressions have reached a new level.  Next post maybe I won’t make it through the title before I’m off wandering the paths & inlets of my meandering mind.

Oops!  My realisation is: Winter in the Northern Hemisphere (at least the snowed in, lots of posts about it part) has a lot of similarities to Summer in Western Australia.

Okay it appears I have a serious space out problem today.  Normally I would give up here and wait to get my head together.  But it’s been 4 days and my husband says I have to post today.  I have written; with pen and paper, 3 posts.  But I can’t even concentrate on my own writing enough not to start dancing all over the place with random, rambling thoughts.

Read On At Your Own Peril!!!

Summer is Winter, that’s where I was, shut up near enough, you’ve been warned!  Okay:

  1.   Extremes of weather force sane humans to hide in temperature regulated shelters.  Maybe -10*C (14*F) will kill you, but so can 43*C (109.5*F).

2.   Insane people; eg. my in laws, actually relish this inhuman weather and seek the extremes.

3.   Snowboarding/surfing, skiing/water skiing, tobogganing/boating, iceskating/skating, hot tubbing/swimming not to mention snow men and sand castles; snow activities mirror beach culture activities.  Crazy extremists lunatics love these activities, they call to us sane people to come & join them while we desperately hold the door shut so the heat/cold can’t get in/out.

4.   Plants are killed by these weather extremes, mainly imported plants or pot plants (plants kept in unnatural conditions) admittedly; but still my garden is filled with ruthlessly sun murdered little plant bodies.  Frost & snow kill plants and so does burning.  I know what you are thinking, mainly because my mother told me to stop complaining because… ‘I didn’t water it!’   Plants do dehydrate faster under the harsh Perth Summer Sun, but I allowed for that.  Some plants just burn from the unrelenting heat & light, even when the plant is robust if potted the pots need to be big enough to insulate the roots and that is much bigger than you would think; they burn irregardless of how much you water you give them.  Then there is your choice, water during the day and the drop magnifies the sun’s rays and burns faster, water at night and the residual heat and moisture mix will kick start a mold/rotting infestation that results in killing the plants.

5.   I’m not doing bugs it’s too confusing.

6.   Fish and amphibians can’t live in frozen water, neither can they live in evaporated water.  There are exceptions but you get the point.


7.   Non amphibious, terrestrial vertebrates including humans, especially non natives aren’t just inconvenienced or discomforted by extremes in weather they are endangered.  And many animals don’t have access to artificial heat and cooling.

Cute siberian cat walking in the snowy forest

8.   If an animal can’t cope  (and they are biologically able to) with  winter they hibernate, in summer they estivate.

9.   Frost burn; minor frost burn admittedly and heat rash; major rash admittedly are really horrible and painful.  Then comes frost bite or heat exhaustion,  more serious problems of weather extremes.  Interestingly both extremes can cause evaporation and dehydration.

10.  Weather can kill: if a person or other animal becomes lost in the snow they can die of exposure or hypothermia, or in the Australian bush (a scrappy, dry woods) they can die of heat stroke.  Although out in the desert heat exhaustion can get you during the day or hypothermia at night, although dehydration can get you in either.

So there are many similarities between your winter and my summer.  Woe I stayed on point far longer than I expected, hurrah for coca cola & coffee.  There is more writing on the notebook, so I’m having some Nurofen, coffee and a Summer Roll. From this point down my writing style may change.


Actually I have blathered for 700 words so tune in tomorrow same batty time, same batty channel.


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