Double Theft; I’m Out of Control.

I’m at it again, stealing ideas from other people and presenting them on my blog.  I am a terrible person.  Shut up kids, I’m not talking about my parenting, go to bed before it gets any worse.  Good that’s motherhood done for the day.


Okay, so the guy at Planet Simon  is writing a series on Murphy’s Law, and the one I am connecting you to reminded me of last weekend.  So read Planet Simon first.

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Are you back yet?

Alright, so we were having a problem with our printer.  It can only be used wirelessly and it kept being offline.  Mum and I have been trying to get hubby to get a new one anyway;  this one was brilliant but it’s over 3 years old, a bit broken and the inks are getting harder to find and more expensive.


So when we couldn’t print anything for 4 days, the third time in a month,  I felt the time was right and I told Gavin to speed up the research.

Saturday I asked if he’d tried everything and then said we have to give up, get the new one.  I have a precise order to how I do things, when something is missing like printing out the next bit I have trouble moving on (Autism not bloody mindedness no matter what my family says).

So he did, a beautiful machine, the same brand “Brother” as the old one.  We love “Brother” printers.  And because he was busy I managed to unpack & set it up before he could spoil my fun.  But we couldn’t get my computer to recognise it wirelessly.  We went through the checklist and eventually turned on and off the wireless router.


The ORIGINAL printer came online working perfectly.

I blame Gav; when I asked if he’d checked everything I was including the mystery wireless computer thingy in the garage (now known as the router hurrah I may remember this word now).

It will be easier to run out the ink & Mum & I got our new printer.  So I suppose it’s only Murphy’s Law for Gavin.  Now I have to stop typing I can’t see straight for the laughter.


Gavin just smiled to get up and proof read my blog, but I handed him the camera, still smiles, and asked him for a photo of the printers.  He squealed “No, no, no!” like a baby but has given me permission to blog this.  I know what you’re thinking – whipped, well maybe but he’s cute.


Theft 2.  A comment on my last reblog: Knowing Others.

How do you derive comfort from the fact that there are people worse off than you?  Guilt, a reluctance to complain, a feeling of helplessness in the face of injustice; I can see all of these, but comfort.

I would like to see the base, worst situation people could exist at, much higher than it is now.  I believe if we all work together where I am now will be lower than where anyone will be.  Being at the bottom will be fine.  Of course we at the bottom will strive to get higher, but the lowest point a human can fall to will be humane & reasonable.


I also couldn’t care less about people having more than me.  Rich people subsidizing the arts and enjoying beautiful things, some of which I can watch on TV or read about; fantastic.



And I want them to really enjoy them.  I want people who live in ancestral castles to be helped to keep up the glory & heritage for the world and to enjoy it.  The consumption of luxury does not lead to poverty, mismanagement of resources and corrupt, miserly power grabbing is the problem.  Politicians, media & other power players seem convinced that the only way to keep people under control  is to keep the majority desperate & scared.  How this is beneficial to the economy I don’t know but (as Tabby would say) humans are weird.


Non computer evil to do, must say goodbye.  Bye, Bye!

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8 thoughts on “Double Theft; I’m Out of Control.

    1. Renovations and an impending stork; you are a glutton for trouble. I realised I have reminded you of a problem without a solution; ‘knock wood’ before you do or say anything positive say “knock wood” or “touch wood” and then touch something wooden. It doesn’t always work but it is the only protection against Murphy’s law. Congratulations and good luck!


  1. Hi Lisa, it’s taken me a while, but I eventually got here. To thank you for the follow. Your About page was so interesting. What a wonderful array of life you have in your home. That, and their names. It sounds delightfully busy and diverse 🙂 Bless you all!


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