I Told You I Was Fine

Ha Ha Ha, everybody else was wrong!  Meaning, of course, I was right, how could you doubt it!  The Mastitis is all gone.  My ruthless, relentless draining of the infection worked.

I have learned over many years of infections, sinusitis & abscesses.  Cutting or in the case of teeth pliering out the problem & then draining the wound works.  Hot packs and if I want to be doubly sure salt, vinegar or vodka can be used as antiseptic.


Okay, okay, maybe that’s how I ended up with almost no teeth and an infected jaw.  Don’t worry eventually after 12 years I was finally dragged to an actual dentist.  And when they removed the infected part of the bone it was invisible.

Mature dentist surgeon hold dental tools

Okay, okay, maybe the doctor did say the mastitis could recur and I should keep an antibiotic script on hand.  And he’s making me have a mammogram; but not because of the mastitis.  I have to have a mammogram because my visit reminded him I’m old; 45.


So no infection anymore; primitive ruthlessness rules!  Big waste of my precious time with my angel; support worker F.  Although I did get a new cream for a rash that has been recurring for the last 3 years, I hadn’t mentioned it for more than a year so I think he thought the last treatment had worked.

And most IMPORTANTLY I got to hear all about the doctor’s cavoodle (Cavalier X Poodle).

My doctor’s dog is grey. This cutie is from Pixabay

I am healthy!  No matter what my stupid body might say!


Or if I was to be rational for a moment I was wr…, you know what I mean!  You aren’t the type that crows when they are right, are you?

The rest of my over-packed week, you ask.  My NDIA (Disability funding) meeting went well; I’m told, all I can remember is a haze of fear, humiliation & pain.  The results are unknown as the planner’s report has to go to someone else, we will find out eventually.


Tash & Tab seem to be having a good start to school.  They seem to have only a few problems.  Tee hee; a few problems!  They are teenagers with Autism & Anxiety/Depression, their funding has been so hard to get that they are years behind in coping skills therapy & Tash’s Dyslexia & ADD has been diagnosed but I’m still chasing treatment.  They have many, many problems; but not as many as we were expecting.  So I’m happy.  Is happy the right word here?

Thursday after the doctor, Cat’s support worker B. drove Cat, Alex & I to meet with their new Psychs.  I had a quick talk with each then deserted them.  B. and I had to get back in time to meet L. who was joining B. for a buddy (introductory) shift with Tab & Tash.  Then I could sleep.  Gavin had left to pick up the girls; I’m glad I warned him that Cat had been hitting me all the way  because as soon as she set sight on him he started being hit.  By hit I mean very lightly, I find it a little painful but Gav can’t even feel it.  The fact is, its less than it used to be and it is an outlet for her panic, we all do something similar; it’s just that Gavin and I self harm instead of hitting others.

Friday I was supposed to help with the P&F; I slept through.  I had lunch and spent the next hour trying desperately not to throw up, I won that battle.  Then I had to go to my own psychologist; Rikki Ambrosius the sorceress queen of Neurofeedback (the greatest therapy in the world).  Full story; this appointment was actually for Tab, I was supposed to be at a big P&F event at the school.  I had worked really hard getting Tab’s schedule, working out the best times; & Rikki had been really patient, accomodating and open to varying her appointment times so she wouldn’t keep missing the same subjects.

Graphic Stock had this photo of Rikki Ambrosius.

Suddenly Tabby freaked; she couldn’t miss any school at all.  She was in Year 11, every second counts (Year 11 & 12 are combined to get a score that can be used to get university admission).  I tried to remind her that the end of last year had proved she desperately needed some form of mental health intervention.  I did not say if you can’t miss one second what the hell is the school doing letting your Outdoor Ed class disappear on excursions.  I bit my tongue because I know the only thing that would have been helped was my mood.  I’m a mummy we aren’t allowed to prioritize our mood.


So I emailed Rikki & I took the Friday session, apparently I have some temporary funding.  Rikki; a saint as well as a sorceress is going to let Tabby take some of her precious Friday 3:30 sessions.  When I told Tabby she didn’t cry, scream, yell “NO!!!” or go silent; so I think it is okay.

I only have 24 more appointments or meetings to organise; assuming nothing else comes up.  A piece of cake!

My Rock?







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