Natasha is No Juliet.

No matter what she thinks.

a) We like her Romeo.


b) We like his family and they seem to like her.  Massive flaw, yes but I forgive them; she is a brilliant little actress.


c) She was weaned by 18 months.


So how on Earth do I have mastitis, because I seem too.

Ha ha I tricked you!  This is not about Natasha; I can hear that huge sigh of relief!  Nor is it about Shakespeare; alas, nor love.  Actually don’t get me started on Romeo & Juliet, I can’t read it without thinking how stupid they were.  This was not written with practical non romantics like me in mind.  I love Taming of the Shrew, that’s romance!


But I digress; regular readers will know that it is in fact one of my greatest skills.


Digressing from my digression on my apologies for digressing: this is yet another pity post.  Wahhhhhhhhh I’m sick!


I had been a little more nauseous, dizzy & tired for a few days.  If you’ve read my stuff you must be wondering how is this possible?  With the other symptom being tenderness in the chest area I suspected ‘my monthly visitor’.  Tenderness; and we’re called the weaker sex?  We girls know tenderness in that area is code for pain.  I never know when the ‘visitor’ is due, I’ve always been erratic, yes physically as well.  But now I’m in peri-menopause or whatever its called when menopause seems to start early but don’t relax the real thing is worse and hasn’t even started yet.

Friday I almost fainted while shopping.  Friday night, actually Saturday morning by half an hour if I’m to be precise, (Warning this is gross) yellow goop leaked from my left nipple, followed by a popping feeling and lots of yellow/creamy goop some semi solid, turning brown then red, finishing with blood leaking out for a few minutes.  Any accidental contact caused more bleeding for the rest of the night.  But I was in a lot less pain and less nauseous.  I know just reading this may have made you nauseous but you don’t know what I live with.  I checked the internet to make sure I was not likely to die overnight.  This condition can be related to thyroid issues.  So I took that as an all clear & went to bed.



I can’t see my doctor till Monday and I’m really busy next week so I probably won’t be able to see him then.  Mum offered me some old antibiotics, but she couldn’t find them.  I bet Gavin threw them out, he is even more obsessive over date codes on medicine than food; its a problem.  Some of Mum & I’s favourite medicine isn’t sold anymore and he has thrown out the last of our supplies, some of my favourites haven’t been made in my lifetime but until Mr Perfect came along Mum still had a good supply.


What on earth was I talking about?  Oh I have an infection, I’m sleepy, I don’t see improvements in my website coming anytime soon.

Nigh nigh, it’s time for my nap!



Forgot to Publish.  Update:  I’m fine, a hot gel pack, Nurofen & ruthlessness beats medicine again.  I’m better, well the infection seems to have gone anyway.  No doctor for me, yah!

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An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

16 thoughts on “Natasha is No Juliet.

    1. I have an appointment not too far away for something else & I will be sure to bring this up. I just need to get past next week. Don’t worry my husband is a real worrywart and is watching me. Thank you for caring.

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  1. Awful! Sounds, indeed, like an infection… But, gosh, I think you should go sooner to a doctor to be checked. That’s just not normal, and it could get worse. You’ve got to take care of yourself–FIRST.

    Glad you have your husband looking after you.


    1. Don’t worry about me. I’ve had much worse infections before. And I will be fine. I just wanted to give some insight into an aspect of autism most people don’t think about, we are more prone to illness & its harder to prioritize treatment. But I’m being careful. 🙂

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  2. I am glad you are feeling better, and I am totally with you on “The Taming of the Shrew.” All Shakespeare’s “nice girls” are silly spineless sobbing stupid sophomoric dummies, while his strong female characters are demonized. Tells us something, doesn’t it!


    1. I have heard that Shakespeare may have been quite fond of strong women (his first wife) the rumour is the Queen was very strict with other women. Elizabeth I is believed to have been extremely pro modest, feminine behaviour; except for herself. But then again the biographers of the age & the historians of the next were men so it may all be rumour.

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      1. I have heard that he may have been fond not only of strong women, but also of strong men, and that’s why his “nice girls” are ninnies, but his “strong women” are truly terrible (Lady Macbeth). Kate seems to be an exception, but then his comedies fall out of his own canons quite often.

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