I Reblogged, Is That Okay?

I finally did it.  What finally pushed me over the edge was Opinionated Man over at Harsh Reality and many other older, well established, popular bloggers suggesting it was wrong not to do so.

So what were my insane issues:

Stealing: Using other people’s hard work & talent to improve the content of my blog.

Pixabay, Thank you!

Technical skill:  How do I do this thing, it is so much easier to type babble and take pictures of my pets.

Upsetting the victim:  I love having my work reblogged (Hint, hint, please reblog my work), but I am an attention seeker and secretly arrogant, other people may be shy.

Upsetting my readers: Some of the blogs I read are a little naughty, I am secretly a bad girl, don’t judge me, and sometimes I say naughty things in other blog’s comments.  I’m 46 and married give me a break!


Leading someone the wrong way:  What if this new website I send you to goes weird?  Who hasn’t recommended a restaurant only to have that restaurant be awful on the next visit.  If I recommend a website am I vouching for it?   Is it my duty to protect you from the internet?

And I would be permanently linked to this website, if they do wrong I will be punished!

And you won’t love me anymore!  And I will be lonely!  (Shut up family, you don’t count!)

My readers are different: What if I led some sweet old lady to a site that used raunchy bad words?  Well actually that would be okay, older ladies can be really naughty.  But I have younger followers and lots of other vulnerable people.  I am a mother!  Then again I’m probably not your mother, my kids never read this!

Daring to try and suck up to my betters:  What right do I; insignificant, talentless autistsix or worse yet Lisa, have to suggest other bloggers would want to be seen on my pathetic site?  Yes I vacillate between arrogance & crippling self doubt, yes yes I am aware the truth is somewhere in between but where?

Being Trolled:  If I upset anybody I might be trolled, what would I do?  I have seen really confident bloggers who seem much less controversial than me trolled and disappearing.  I don’t want to lose my blog, I love my blog!

But reblogging is apparently what good, polite bloggers do.  So I’ve done it!  Bring it on, Haters!  No please don’t, I’m only a poor little crazy person!


If you are mean to me I’ll send my vicious attack dog to bite you!


I love you!  Reblog me, please!

(Pictures by Graphic Stock unless labelled or my photos)

Published by autistsix

An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

22 thoughts on “I Reblogged, Is That Okay?

    1. Thank you! You appear to be easily influenced; read everything I write and obey the orders of cats & butterflies. No don’t do that, I’ve tried & neither make good masters. Power, now that I have it I have no idea how to abuse it.
      Truthfully thank you and I wish I had thought of this earlier.

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  1. hmm, i dont know if im being trolled or not, but whatever, i’ll take the love ❤ 🙂

    its too bad– no links to some of these naughty things youre reading? oh well. i havent got much naughty stuff on mine– for what its worth, everything on mine is licensed / public domain so you can just copy the entire thing (dont even have to ask) and you can even change it as you like. good manners is if you change it, mention that youve made changes– its all good though. enjoy!

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    1. I love love! Don’t hate the fear with my ASD a lack of fear would be terrifying, my head just doesn’t work that way, if it works any way at all. If in doubt send kitten or puppy pictures, that’s how I survive! 😉

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  2. LOL, hilarious! I love the chance to read all these thoughts of yours spilling out of your head practically unedited. It’s fantastic.

    And this. “Upsetting my readers: Some of the blogs I read are a little naughty, I am secretly a bad girl, don’t judge me, and sometimes I say naughty things in other blog’s comments. I’m 46 and married give me a break!”

    I know just what you mean! I’m 53 and married, and…hey, SEX is a thing! I do it and so do lots of other people, k? Okay! Young people think talking about is “naughty”….LOL!

    Another thing…getting older…and hornier! (Is that a word used in Australia?) At only 46 maybe you’re not feeling it yet, but I’m definitely in the want-“it”-all-the-time phase. My poor husband, who’s 6 years older…I work him to death!

    Love your blog, autistsix. Love. Love.

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    1. I have young adults & teens disapproving of me every day in person. “Ewww aren’t you two too old to kiss, gross”. We do use the expression horny here in Australia but mainly because we watch too much American TV. Another little known ‘symptom’ of both autism and Down’s Syndrome is higher than normal sex drive; fortunately my husband is also autistic, or I might kill him. Also fortunately all our children are celibate so we don’t have to think about that. I love; I’ve forgotten the name the story about Jubilee, thanks for the address.

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  3. Omg I love this! You have an amazing sense of humor and wit – I chuckled the entire time reading this 😊 Awesome!

    ~The Silent Wave Blog writer ❤️

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