World(press) Amazing Race… #TeamFoxie

This is an amazing (hehe) project; you can link back to the start. And get ready; as Team Foxie’s leader I will be looking for Foxie’s next destination.

Cyranny's Cove


The race is on, Lovelies, and we have a new contestant!!  Lisa from Autistsix is now officially the head of #TeamFoxie!


I am prepping Foxie for his first trip, one of the longest so far for our friends Critters… He looks pretty excited to go around the globe, and I must say that I am a bit jealous to know he’ll set foot in Australia long before I will!!

I have asked Foxie to be on the look around for the Australian flag, just in case he could send it back to me 🙂

So… A very warm welcome Lisa! I am glad you joined us, and I invite you all to make a little detour and visite her home-blog and say “hi”!

#TeamTeddy, #TeamPiggy and #TeamGiraffe are still looking for a leader, so if you think you’d be interested, just let me know!!

I.can’t.wait to have updates about our…

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