Good Support 

I have a lot of experience with support workers and this is a great description. If this guy lived in my country I would be begging for him to be included in our team!


What does good support look like ?
Good support can and will look different to everyone and the root to good support is to always make it person centred.

What is Person centred ?

Person centred is a different way of doing things and thinking – Putting the individual and their families at the centre of all support. Working in partnership with others to get the best outcomes for the individual and family.


  • Respecting the individuals values and putting the person at the centre of support
  • Taking in to account the individuals preferences, needs, wants and wishes
  • Coordinating the support
  • Making sure the support provided is regularly reviewed
  • Inclusion of family and friends
  • Working together with other support services
  • Good communication and listening skills
  • Advocate, educate and facilitate
  • Freedom of choice

Benefits of using person centred approaches

  • Greater control over their own life
  • To be listened to and…

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