Bad News I’m Not Sick

Finally the long awaited test results came in; proving I do not have adrenal fatigue.  See Great News I Might Be Sick if you want to understand.  I mean I still have autism, anxiety, depression, asthma, allergies, IBS, postural hypotension (low blood pressure), peri menopause,  oh I forget most of the other stuff.  But I don’t have the adrenal thing & there is no magic pill for me.  Well I’ve been put on a higher dose of thyroid medicine.

So why am I so exhausted?  Well stress obviously, it’s always stress.  And sleep apnoea because I am obese.  Hooray I am fat which makes me sleepy but if I don’t eat I keep getting low blood sugar.

No magic pill!  Diet & exercize!  Cheer up!  Blah!


I’m feeling a bit down.  Alex’s NDIA (Disability funding) is done.  Cat’s nightmare Centrelink (Welfare) thing is done.  School starts on the 1st of February.  Sorry all, I am in a mood!



After all there is no reason for you to be sad too!

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23 thoughts on “Bad News I’m Not Sick

  1. I know what you mean – if the tiredness is down to a condition that can be treated, at least there’s a chance it’ll get better. Mind, the other issues you mention are enough to make anyone tired.
    Don’t give yourself a hard time because of your weight – sleep apnoea can have other causes. I have it and I am underweight. They gave me one of those mask things to wear in bed, that blows air into you – far from helping me sleep better, it kept me awake all night. I couldn’t get used to it at all and had to give up.

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  2. Have you checked out fibromyalisa symptoms? You are naming same symptoms I have and I have fribro. There are many more symptoms besides what you named you might check it out! Wishing you luck!!!


    1. I’ll check it out, but having read a bit of your blog I hope not. I’m hoping for a curable cause! Although either way I need to find out, I had no idea my symptoms could fit fibromyalgia; thank you!

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  3. You are welcome sweetie! But don’t let me scare you I’m an older lady and some of my pain is from osteoarthritis and degeneration of my back etc. The stuff many have later in life.

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    1. I looked it up and don’t worry I’m not scared. I’m there already and I can cope, it would be great to feel better & do more; so I continue to seek answers and help but if there’s no way out I can deal with it. I just like to moan sometimes, I had a lot happen at the same time & complaining to others helps me buck up and keep moving. So thank you for being a support and an integral part of my treatment plan. 🙂

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  4. A lot of the conditions you listed can cause fatigue in and of themselves. And for what it’s worth, your adrenals can be fatigued without showing up on the DHEA blood test which is what I’m assuming you had done. Other hormonal imbalances can cause it as well but I assume if your DHEA was tested, then they were as well? It wouldn’t hurt to eat an all natural diet to treat your adrenals regardless and take some natural things to treat them. Love your kitties!


    1. That’s really interesting because the 1st test showed an imbalance but when the second didn’t the doctor dismissed the idea. Despite being told there was nothing wrong with my adrenals when I saw a book about thyroid and adrenal diet, the symptoms looked so close I couldn’t resist pre-ordering it. I’m waiting for delivery. I have been trying to eat naturally but suppliers and food sensitivities, argh! Eating out of my own garden when I can is going well. Thank you so much for this great comment. & the kitties thank you to, for noticing the obvious they say! 😉

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      1. I have just been diagnosed with adrenal fatigue myself and I totally believe in natural medicine for many reasons. Conventional doctors are not fully aware of many things that are not a fault of their own. We really must do our own research and be in charge of our own health. Take care- best wishes!

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      2. Oh, and btw, we eat Paleo which is great for adrenals (I just need to learn not to cheat so much) and I also need extra supplements because I’m missing my gall bladder (regretted surgery) and don’t absorb all the nutrients my eating style affords me.

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      3. I had my gall bladder removed and all the doctors have told me a missing gall bladder has no effect at all. How much am I missing listening to doctors?


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