An Interesting Day

Last Friday I received a call from NDIA (Nefarious Dementors In Australia or National Disability Insurance Agency I can never recall which one); could I do Alex’s review by phone and when would be convenient.


This is a rough week; Anime Club started back (yahhhh for Cat), Monday I had to make lots of appointments and prep for handover of P&F (Parents & Friends Association) secretary & Book club (I am still Banking and minor nuisance or committee member) at Monday evening’s meeting.  Tuesday Writer’s club restarted and Tab & Cat had issues they needed assistance with.  Wednesday the doctor (my test results are back keep your fingers crossed for me) and something else that I have forgotten or may have been cancelled (I’ll check the calendar after the headache pills kick in).  Thursday Psych for Tabby and the dreaded Assessment for Cat & I.Friday I tap dance, oh no Friday the OT (Occupational Therapist not Operating Thetan stop listening to Cat she is unbalanced) is visiting the two smallest gremlins; then I can tap dance.  Unless the kids make us go shopping.

“We always go shopping on Fridays during the holidays!”

They are autistic so no amount of pretending to be asleep will dissuade them.

“What do we want to go shopping for?”

“I don’t know but we always go shopping on Fridays in the holidays!”

“We could go to the fish shop?”


M-o-th-e-r, you don’t need anymore fish!”

I do need more fish by the way, the cichlids are fighting and apparently they fight less when they are more crowded; weird huh?  So instead we go to a random shop, just because we’ve never been there before and it is Friday.


Maybe I’ll tap dance on Saturday!  Memo to self; “Learn to Tap dance!”

Not confident in my abilities to pick up tap!

The point (yes, I had one) was when would I be able to do the phone review thing.  I picked Tuesday at 8, the reviewer was interstate and they are 2 hours ahead.  Our Autism Association coordinator managed to make it out by 7:50; before work hours with 1 day’s notice; thank goodness.  The reviewer was fantastic, the coordinator knew everything that I didn’t; the only downside is she makes no decisions she just hands in her report.

So even though the reviewer called 45 minutes late we were finished at 5 to 10; plenty of time to drive to Writer’s Circle which was starting at 11.

“Mum when do we have to leave to get to Writer’s Club?” I said before the coordinator even had time to leave.

“It’s too late to bother isn’t it?”

“It won’t take over an hour to get there, it doesn’t start till 11”

“It starts at 10!”

I told her it was better late than never, I explained to the coordinator and we were in the car in seconds.  We got there at 10:36; 34 minutes earlier than my favourite writer sometimes got there last year.  Alex had been so traumatised by the NDIA Review she only just started talking; pidgin gibberish, a little before the car stopped.  But I can translate some pidgin gibberish and Grandma read her writing exercise out for her so she was talking by the end.

I love, love, love KSP Writer’s Club.  It is the best thing in my life aside from family (including pets) and it gives me less trouble.  We had a phenomenal time.  And the icing on the cake; Alex the reclusive mute and I can relate & communicate like friends while we are there.  And we can pick on Grandma because she refuses to write or join in.

I came home and Cat was watching TV with her father, the two little ones were playing PlayStation with Tab’s boyfriend.  Harmony in my house, unbelievable.

Then after sending the letter I wrote 4 days ago to 18 politicians just yesterday, we received a random telephone call from a politician’s volunteer wanting to talk to Gavin about issues, he set me on her.

“It was like setting a Seventh Day Adventist on a Mormon!” he said giggling like an evil schoolgirl (Tash).

The issues I raised were “so important” she is going to pass on my contact details to the politician; with my permission.

What a day!  What an unexpectedly great day!

It seems frightening but there are rose petals waiting.

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An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

20 thoughts on “An Interesting Day

    1. They agree! The more adventurous one; Whisper, would like you to know he is the cutest bunny in the world. But he accepts your accolade.
      I think; oh no they’ve tricked some one else those wicked bunny brothers. But thanks!

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  1. Well G’day Sheila
    I’m torn between saying this post is bonzer, or this post is fair dinkum. I just found another word I’ll use instead, this post is ripper.

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    1. Ah, finally another way to communicate with those strange beings who populate this region. You have my gratitude! (This is not how Australians speak, if you speak to an Australian like this they will use vulgar curse words, strike you or rub their poor aching heads)


    1. I love my Writer’s Circle; it’s mainstream (normal people) but has another disabled member. They are incredibly supportive but enabling rather than patronizing and generous with their criticism. There are some writers there I really admire. Plus I have mentioned your blog as both an example of great writing and a method of sharing their work. You are one of my two go to examples of writer blogs. The other is Dirty Sci Fi Buddha at

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