The Quest for Mobility

Monday the money we’d borrowed had finally hit our bank account and we were off to buy our new car.  Our budget was a massive $4500.

We went past over 40 car yards stopping whenever it wasn’t obvious they didn’t have any 7 seat vehicles.  3 out of 4 had no 7 seat cars, those that did were with one exception more than we had to spend.

The one car that was $3500 (originally more but he offered to lower it) was absolutely horrible.  I was holding desperately to the handle and feared we would not be able to make it back to the yard when we took it for a test drive.

Dejected, depressed,overwhelmed and exhausted we returned to find 3 out of our 4 children had massive problems of their own.  It’s okay their problems were all in their heads.  Seriously though the issues were so bad I am not comfortable sharing them as they are the kids’ private matters.  If forced too I can make a maternal decision; Gavin says occasionally).

As Gavin slept I was wakened by a knocking and our package from Rose Wholesale had arrived.  Ordered before the car crisis Tasha had been longing for its arrival.  This is our first order from Rose Warehouse.  So I sucked it up and became ‘Fun Mum’.  Tasha and I had a fashion try on and Alex enthused & took pictures; the other two tried but left not being able to rise up they didn’t want to bring us down.

We received 3 gorgeous dresses, 2 incredible handbags (one I’m using for an art/writing bag), 3 fantastic wigs and 9 incredible & elegant hair decorations.  When ‘Sleeping Beauty’ woke we cheered him up.

Gavin and I applied for loans and scoured the internet for cars overnight; I slept 3 hours.  We found a couple of possibles in Vic Park.  By 7:20 the next morning we were on the road in Mum’s car, by 8:20 we arrived at the first car yard; Park View Motors, arriving before they could respond to our email inquiry.  Two guys were washing the car we had come to see as we walked into the lot.

I’m not a big fan of red; my kids are as you can see, I don’t hate it but my preferences are blues, purples then pinks and greens.  But for some reason on the internet & in person I had been jumping at red cars; usually to find they were 5 seat cars.

I think it was a premonition because we fell in love at first sight .


$3999 (slashed the night before), 1 year warranty, 5 months registration, new battery, quiet engine; we knew we should look at something else but we had never been more drawn to a car.  All the guys were nice and not at all pushy.  The guy who sold us the car; Serge, was helpful and didn’t sell hard at all.  By 8:45 we owned a red Holden Zafira.

Don’t you just love him:


His name is Bewi (said like Berry but w for r) and he is Bewi, Bewi nice.  I love him so much.

It took a while to get Bewi home because I can’t drive so Gavin had to pick up Mum and then drive them both out to get Bewi; I had to babysit my own kids, yuk!

We went for a nice evening drive with the whole family (kids and dog-kids only)and got takeout; a) because we were celebrating the price and b) Gavin & I had slept all afternoon.  The dogs loved the new car, when we got home with the chicken Cherise kept jumping back in the car.

The Holts are now mobile again and we are solvent until the next thing comes up; touch wood.

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An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

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