Don’t Cry, Charlie

Charlie stop that whining the cat is not plotting your death,

She’s just lying on the sofa trying to catch her breath.


Echo’s such a lovely lady with sparkling emerald eyes.

Hush now baby there’s no need for all your plaintive cries.


She wants so much to be your friend, you silly puppy boy.

Echo thinks you’re soft & fluffy, a moving cuddly toy.


I know she smacked you yesterday but that was just a game.

The day before she’d had a fight, Smokie was to blame.

The cat’s just nuzzling your ears not trying to cause you pain.

Don’t be so silly!  Echo is not sucking out your brain!


Charlie stop, you are older now, you’re quite the grown up man.

If you’re not cuddling Pink Unicorn, I think Echo can.



Published by autistsix

An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

10 thoughts on “Don’t Cry, Charlie

    1. Millie and Pearl, cats aren’t all that bad the other 3 cats in my house are soft and cuddly, they are very good friends, so please give cats a chance. Just not Echo, Echo is a scary cat I think she may be secretly an evil creature in disguise. I would like it if you could come & visit me, we could play fun doggy games and you could eat Echo then we could all have a lovely nap. Hope to see you soon!

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    1. Then you’ll have to come and visit my yard, Cherise & I share with Grandma’s dog’s Amber & Marley we all love other dogs & cats except Echo (we all hate Echo) if we can’t get Echo Mum has lovely tasty fruit and herbs we can eat and you can run around the terriers & tire them out like they do to me. I’m a lonely little spaniel in a terrier patch! (I hope the song reference isn’t too ancient for Annabelle my Mum is always singing about onion patches or lemon trees. Bye for now, XXX Charlie the romantic Spaniel.

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