I Wrote A Poem; I Hate You All! – My family not my readers

I told my fish to stop their fighting & they bit each others tails.

I told my kids to stop their fighting & my husband laughed in gales.


I asked the grey cat to please stop drinking my lovely cup of tea.

Smokie looked solemnly at his water bowl then stared straight back at me.


I asked the black cat to stop knocking my precious items to the floor.


I told the dogs to stop their barking & scratching on my door.


I begged the budgies to be friendly & my rabbits to be nice.

All I received for all my troubles were looks as cold as ice.


I threatened the kitten he’d better leave my Christmas tree alone.

I yelled at my youngest daughter to “Get the hell off her mobile phone!”


I suppose I must accept we all have our crosses to bear.

Thanks Pixabay for this photo of my inner Mum.

But once this bear’s been crossed, boy, you had all better beware!


Except my husband; I love my hubby puppy!

Sweetheart of the Year 2016

Published by autistsix

An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

2 thoughts on “I Wrote A Poem; I Hate You All! – My family not my readers

    1. Yep, he climbed the cupboard and hit the tree at an angle. But it was Christmas afternoon so it was okay. The tree is broken, we lost a couple of ornaments (another couple need gluing) but surprisingly the biggest casualties were the tinsel. We got another tree really really cheap at the after Christmas sales so actually it’s not that bad. Not like the time Pixie pushed a life sized ceramic leopard (handpainted by a friend of Mum’s) to the floor and it smashed to powder. Pound for pound there are few things that can match a kitten for pure destructive force, but he is so cute!

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