Christmas Loot

As an adult I get sensible things for Christmas; not like children.  My kids got gift vouchers, some cash, lots of clothes, towels and books.  Fun stuff!  I only got 2 tops and a scarf+…


I received several things for my on going high tea service collection,a couple of DVDs, some books and money.  But mainly I received toys; boring everyday toys.  I know, if only I was a child and could receive underwear in my stocking.


Only joking!  I got toys, wonderful magical toys.  Spock & the Horta; I have wanted that for so long.  The third doctor; be still my heart, but with Jo & the master; my joy knows no bounds!


Gavin also received mainly money & toys.


Together the family received so many chocolates, lollies & biscuits (candy & cookies); I’m predicting mass diabetes by February.

I also received the gift I had been desperately hoping for.

I may not have said because we were devastated but the Pleco that came with our new double tank.  The one that survived poisoning, a broken heater boiling all but she & one other (Tex who had also survived the poisoning) and a power failure that wiped out half the tank (insufficient air, don’t worry, we have a small generator now).  Gaby the fan tailed Pleco, has died.  She spent a couple of weeks hiding then came out & hovered in front of the tank so we all got to say goodbye & show her her favourites amongst the other pets.


Jason & Fiona gave us a gift voucher to the world’s best fish shop – Morley Aquariums.  And they sold us a ‘rescue fish’; they were very upfront that he had been in bad condition 2 months before they sold him at an incredibly reduced price.

Sachentorte (Chocolate Pleco bought for Christmas)

Gaby must have been very old when she came to us because look at what Sacha achieved in less than a week.

Now I will be able to take beautiful pictures of my cichlids; if I can get rid of the mysterious reappearing fingerprints.

And my biggest gift.  Drum roll please!


With lots of extras…


By the way the photos of my new camera were taken with my old camera & vise versa…

I know how to take a picture with & without flash and I know how to download them.  Beyond that I know nothing about my new (secondhand) camera; and even less about the accessories.

I am not a photographer; Pixabay has rejected everything I’ve ever sent to them.  If anyone knows anything about my new camera &/or can tell what I’m doing wrong please let me know.

Although I do understand the problem of unstoppable photo bombers.




and worst of all 3

Soon, with practice I will be able to take beautiful pictures, such as this one.

Ah, the grace & elegance of the feline.

*Urgently needing help with photography tips* note; the tip stop trying you are useless has already been proferred by 3 of my children.

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