Monkey Hear Monkey Write

KSP Writer's Circle didn't have a writing exercise this morning but people were talking about a 49 word challenge.  At the coffee break I let Mum make my cup of tea; it gives the old dear something useful to do.  She paid me back by listening to things I randomly said last week and ruined … Continue reading Monkey Hear Monkey Write

Under Seige

So I survived until Monday, and basically I was better.  I was feeling a touch unwell on Saturday if you want the gross details see Natasha is No Juliet. I was going to mention the incident to the doctor when I next saw him in a couple of weeks for a blood test thing. So … Continue reading Under Seige

Natasha is No Juliet.

No matter what she thinks. a) We like her Romeo. b) We like his family and they seem to like her.  Massive flaw, yes but I forgive them; she is a brilliant little actress. c) She was weaned by 18 months. So how on Earth do I have mastitis, because I seem too. Ha ha … Continue reading Natasha is No Juliet.

I Reblogged, Is That Okay?

I finally did it.  What finally pushed me over the edge was Opinionated Man over at Harsh Reality and many other older, well established, popular bloggers suggesting it was wrong not to do so. So what were my insane issues: Stealing: Using other people's hard work & talent to improve the content of my blog. … Continue reading I Reblogged, Is That Okay?

World(press) Amazing Race… #TeamFoxie

This is an amazing (hehe) project; you can link back to the start. And get ready; as Team Foxie’s leader I will be looking for Foxie’s next destination.

Cyranny's Cove


The race is on, Lovelies, and we have a new contestant!!  Lisa from Autistsix is now officially the head of #TeamFoxie!


I am prepping Foxie for his first trip, one of the longest so far for our friends Critters… He looks pretty excited to go around the globe, and I must say that I am a bit jealous to know he’ll set foot in Australia long before I will!!

I have asked Foxie to be on the look around for the Australian flag, just in case he could send it back to me 🙂

So… A very warm welcome Lisa! I am glad you joined us, and I invite you all to make a little detour and visite her home-blog and say “hi”!

#TeamTeddy, #TeamPiggy and #TeamGiraffe are still looking for a leader, so if you think you’d be interested, just let me know!!

I.can’t.wait to have updates about our…

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Bad News I’m Not Sick

Finally the long awaited test results came in; proving I do not have adrenal fatigue.  See Great News I Might Be Sick if you want to understand.  I mean I still have autism, anxiety, depression, asthma, allergies, IBS, postural hypotension (low blood pressure), peri menopause,  oh I forget most of the other stuff.  But I don't … Continue reading Bad News I’m Not Sick

An Interesting Day

Last Friday I received a call from NDIA (Nefarious Dementors In Australia or National Disability Insurance Agency I can never recall which one); could I do Alex's review by phone and when would be convenient. This is a rough week; Anime Club started back (yahhhh for Cat), Monday I had to make lots of appointments … Continue reading An Interesting Day

Biting the Hand That Feeds Us!

I have written a letter I plan to send to some local politicians.  To understand it Centrelink is our Social Security benefits agency, and NDIA is a new system for funding disabled people.  Autism is impossible to explain. Just a note I have met one person that defrauded Social Security; he was probably a Sociopath, … Continue reading Biting the Hand That Feeds Us!

Epiphany-Star Trek May Have Shaped My View Of Life

Lots of stuff has been escaping into my head lately while I've been distracted by feeling sick and dizzy.  I've spoken to quite a few people, read blogs, magazines and books. plus Alex got this weird book of obscure facts that she & Gavin have taken to randomly announcing.  So if I have copied your … Continue reading Epiphany-Star Trek May Have Shaped My View Of Life