Dogs Can Dance – for Christmas Part 2

Explanations fro this bizarre vision are in Part 1. Blessings of the Season to you and yours! ♥  

Dogs Can Dance – for Christmas

No dogs were forced to take part in this entertainment.  "Wag Yogurt Drops" were used as payment.  We do this every night (starting at 1 and building up twice) for 24 days and Charlie runs to join in.  Any struggle you see is Charlie trying to snatch treats.  Treats are the only thing more important … Continue reading Dogs Can Dance – for Christmas

Christmas in 40*C. – Light Hunting in Perth Part 2

Part 1. You have to read Part 1 before you read Part 2; otherwise it will make no sense and completely confuse you.  If you read Part 1 it may make a little sense and will still confuse you.  But if you are silly enough to read this stuff, you are probably already confused. We … Continue reading Christmas in 40*C. – Light Hunting in Perth Part 2

Christmas in 40*C. – Light Hunting in Perth Part 1

While we were driving along the other night hunting for Christmas lights the weirdness of what we were doing struck me. Now that our faulty modem has been replaced I am planning to resume my blogging but having accumulated over 6000 posts to read in my absence I won't be looking at my backlog. Anyway … Continue reading Christmas in 40*C. – Light Hunting in Perth Part 1

How Many Cats?

As I was sitting in my own lounge room; carefully selecting wrapping paper and gift tags (homemade of course) to suit each individual, using my best Sheaffer pens to write their names in calligraphy; my husband just started an argument out of the blue.  He said I was crazy!  I asked him, politely, what made … Continue reading How Many Cats?

Email Warning

I just received two traffic infringement notices by email.  Sounds fishy right?  Did I check it out just to be sure?  I was really tempted to because as an autistic person I was concerned that I had done something wrong. Reasons I did not: "Null" as my address Zip code; in Aust. we call it … Continue reading Email Warning

I Am Back Online, Beware!!!

Our modem was failing and then broke. Our internet provider Dodo spent hours on the phone & offered to send us a  test modem to check what the problem was.  Gav decided we could use a back up anyway so just bought a new modem.  And we now have access to the internet again. Even … Continue reading I Am Back Online, Beware!!!

Oldylocks and the Three Chairs

I am still alive!  I think? I've been so busy. I rescued my two youngest from their compulsory government/church run labour camp (school) at the great price of volunteer work & listening to hours of propaganda (Awards night; Tabby topped Maths). I managed to extricate the two youngest from their Drama classes, 38 hours of … Continue reading Oldylocks and the Three Chairs

Great News, I Might Be Sick!

This is a statement healthy people will never understand.  It is part of the reason I believe it is so vital to tell kids if they have autism.  I am happy I am sick because I feel absolutely dreadful, but if I'm sick and it has a name I might get better. I have heard … Continue reading Great News, I Might Be Sick!