Christmas in 40*C. – Light Hunting in Perth Part 2

Part 1.

You have to read Part 1 before you read Part 2; otherwise it will make no sense and completely confuse you.  If you read Part 1 it may make a little sense and will still confuse you.  But if you are silly enough to read this stuff, you are probably already confused.


We listen to Christmas music.  You know stuff about Christmas, nativity songs and songs about winter & snow.  There is nothing like singing along to “Winter Wonderland” while driving through 36*C or 96.8*C heat (dark with a breeze) with bushland on one side singing about cold and snow.  We listen to a mix from Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney to Boney M & Wham to Taylor Swift and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, alternating singing with arguing about our respective tastes in music.

So Cherise & Charlie sit on my lap in harnesses; Cherise tries to fly hanging out of the window & Charlie tries to help; Cherise out of the window.  Cherise has been hunting for years so she looks for lights and points them out her nose; when we call out left  or right she stops pointing & goes back to searching.  Cherise is brilliant except she doesn’t know the difference between Christmas lights and Shopping Centre lights; no matter how often I’ve explained.

085She also points out humans, cats, dogs, owls and kangaroos.  Yes, in semi rural Perth kangaroos can be seen from your car, although I’ve never seen an emu after dark, I wonder where they go.  We call cats moving decorations there are less since the Government made keeping cats indoors mandatory, all the dogs are on leashes or behind gates.  The kangaroos are not wearing boxing gloves I believe that is a myth; I have no night photos of kangaroos as you can only see them at night when they are moving and boy do they move fast.

Charlie looks out a little then lies on my arm and tries to get Gavin to pat him; unless there are people outside; then he tries to get their attention.

Each of the kids have their preferred seats.  When I say preferred, they are all autistic, so I mean seats they must sit in.  Cat hurt her leg and we had to switch her with Tab in the middle seats; admittedly Tabby didn’t argue (for that long, thank God the boyfriend was present when we broached the subject) but now she keeps calling lights are on the wrong side, then yelling “I can’t tell anymore where they are because I’m in the wrong seat!”


This activity actually produces less fights and arguments than any other activity that requires us to be in earshot of each other.  Not none; ha ha with my kids, no definitely not none, but less.  We went to a funeral and they got into a huge fight over who was upsetting Dad more.  I really think it’s the soothing combination of darkness and tiny coloured lights that soothe our little autistic senses.  We start only about half the fights as any equivalent time period but we are also more likely to be able to laugh them off or obey the “Shut up!” order.

More in Part 3.

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An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

3 thoughts on “Christmas in 40*C. – Light Hunting in Perth Part 2

  1. To get a degree symbol, hold down your [ALT] key down while typing 0176. That stated, I usewd to write an Indonesian when we were both boys. One time he told me that although he was Muslim he like Christmas music. “My favourite is ‘Christmas White’ (sic),” he wrote. I can imagine a boy in Yogjakarta rarely saw snow! LOL!

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  2. Thank you! My husband & kids have never seen snow. I’m originally from Victoria (the other side of Australia & slightly further towards Antarctica) so as a child we would go to the mountains very occasionally & see snow. I moved to WA at 8 and haven’t seen it since. If we had the money I’d take them to see snow, & mountains. 🙂


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