Great News, I Might Be Sick!

This is a statement healthy people will never understand.  It is part of the reason I believe it is so vital to tell kids if they have autism.  I am happy I am sick because I feel absolutely dreadful, but if I’m sick and it has a name I might get better.


I have heard that some people don’t struggle to do things each & every day, I have been told that some people are not in pain everyday.  I don’t remember being like that, I don’t have childhood memories that don’t include pain & struggle.  Even though knowing I have autism hasn’t relieved much pain or struggle.  The knowledge gave me a better path to try, help and understanding.


So in some previous posts I may have mentioned that I have been tired, headachey, that I judge hunger by fainting, nap almost every afternoon, blah,blah.  So I have been frightened that the therapy wasn’t working and that I’m never going to be able to get anything done.


But the blood tests came back; and I am low in thyroid & cortisone.  I have low blood pressure still as well.  So why am I so happy; the symptoms that have been intensifying lately are all explained by adrenal fatigue.  Adrenal fatigue is the result of long term high stress; which I’ve had.


The big thing is if I have adrenal fatigue or even thyroid problems they are treatable.  If I just can’t do better no matter how hard I try then I’ll never do better.  But if I’m held back by a medical condition with a treatment, there is hope.  So much hope!


Energy, more time awake is really all I need.  Pain; blah, blah, who cares!  But being awake long enough to read emails, write & speak to my children; that would be priceless!

So the wonderful, tremendous, fantastic news is; da da da daa; I might be really sick!

Cross your fingers for me, next blood test is 4 weeks away.


Bad news though my computer’s malaise is getting bad fast and is defying diagnosis.


4 hours to do a 40 minute post but I’m not complaining; alright I am complaining & shouting ; but instead of violence I lay down with a hot pack.  I think I am improving!


Any pictures not containing a weird looking old woman are courtesy of Pixabay!

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An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

25 thoughts on “Great News, I Might Be Sick!

    1. The final tests aren’t until after Christmas, but I’ve cleared a lot of stuff so the Christmas I want for the kids is achievable. Meanwhile I am buoyed with hope. Thank you for your kind wishes!

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  1. I think of you guys often. I’m sending as many positive vibes I can your way. A mosquito just flew in front of my computer screen…too far away for me to swat it. I think that might be a good thing. I don’t know why. If you can’t get well, then just get better! I love your posts. And the pictures are priceless!

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  2. I’m glad your sick so you can stop feeling guilty, I had years of low energy and it was awful, I was freaked out by high energy people , I thought I had to compete with them so I would drink a million cups of coffee to stay focussed and withit and that made it worse. Balance helped, better diet, no booze , reading and giving in to the tiredness, what’s wrong with naps for goodness sake, they are restorative , I mean the lap top is allowed to go into sleep mode…in Spain I believe it’s essential to sleep in the afternoon , so this go go go culture we have where everyone is supposed to be dynamically dealing with life and stay awake for like 10 hours in a row, is a mistake …it’s driven by the stress and lack of money and fear and we are allowed and should be allowed to have naps and care for our selves except when driving or operating heavy machinery. And again I love your posts.

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    1. Thank you. You’ve reminded me; after neurofeedback I was having a lovely short afternoon nap that allowed me to stay up a little later; my energy is higher at night. But for the last couple of months I’ve been sleeping for 14 hours a day, & then being tired & dizzy. But when I get this new thing fixed (knock on wood) I will remember the helpful hour or shorter afternoon naps. All the best!

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  3. Hi! I really liked the way you used intriguing illustrations interleaved in the text of your blog post. That approach seems to give emphasis to the thoughts between the illustrations, making them even more thoughtful. And, I admire how honest and self-revealing your post is. I felt very connected to you and your situation when I read it! Plus, you have a gift for explaining scientific/medical things well – I didn’t understand what adrenal fatigue was, and now I do. Plus: you are completely right in that if you’re dealing with a situation that can be addressed by medical treatment, that would be a relief. Thanks for posting!

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