A Novel

Hi, just a quick note to let everyone know what I’ve been doing the last two days.  I have been making a background book for a novel.  Yes having started to write a mere 6 months ago I think I can write a novel.

I was writing a book on autism but it is upsetting Alex so I wanted something to share at writer’s circle.  I was thinking of writing a sci fi novel after the autism book so I’ve decided to gather all my ideas and start them together.

I wrote a couple of chapters I’m not happy with and got some great feedback about how to proceed.  I’ve mapped my planet & my country, separate maps for basic features like rivers & mountains, climate & names.

I have created basic avatars for the 18 main characters plus names, animal totems & symbolic colour (not for the book but to remind me what their personalities are).  And I’ve roughly point-formed the story of the book.  Plus government structure and a couple of special thingamagigs.
I have a page with all the main characters for the quick view and printed pieces I’ve affixed to pages ready for individual character notes.  So just a little more to do and I’ll have my planning book finished.


I’ve also done an okay sketch of my hero, so have an idea to the basic species appearance.  I think I may be insane; but my stress level is so high I doubt I could have done anything more productive.

Tomorrow I have to prep for Tasha’s birthday and Friday I have National Disability review prep and then Tasha’s boyfriend is coming for a small birthday party.  I may never read anybody else’s blog again.

TTFN Ta Ta For Now (Tigger Winnie the Pooh Disney & EE Milne).


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An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

12 thoughts on “A Novel

  1. Thats really cool man, good luck with the book. I’d really like your opinion on Miss Scarlet.. The Empty voter and Wendy’s Window Conspiracy.they are a few of my shorts and I’d really like your feedback. Gastradamus is my name and gassy topics are my game


  2. Hi Lisa. Great that you are getting your book ideas together in such a concrete way. Should be a good foundation for the way forward. Wishing you strength for the National Disability review process. And thank you so much for making the time to visit my blog and your “Likes” are greatly appreciated.

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  3. I wish I could bear to be this meticulous with my characters, but when I sit down to write out all the details it feels like my brain is going to explode, so I just kind of wander into the story and wait to see what happens. hehe


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    1. I wasn’t meticulous, I used an avatar maker to create a mnemonic of physical difference and spirit animals and colour as a mnemonic for personality. I use symbols and a couple of scribbled words rather than a lot of writing in my prep guide. But this is the first time I’ve done anything like this. 8 months ago before Neurofeedback therapy I couldn’t write. But everyone has their own ways, good luck!

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