A Peaceful Day

I love a peaceful Sunday morning!

Waking up before the dawn.

Washing hair to stop lice crawling

Each a tiny little black prawn.


Tabby tries to take an hour;

Just to get herself clean,

But when all 7 need a shower

Her indulgence seems obscene.


Then one must be driven miles away.

To do homework in a pool.

Just an hour and a half to play,

Oh it seems so very cruel!

But we haven’t seen their grandies

For what seems like an age.

Besides we’re running out of candies,

And low blood sugar triggers rage!


Gav & Cat can’t stay for very long;

Cat’s university bound.

Not education,  no your guess is wrong;

An anime club she’s found!


So Dad drives back fast to retrieve the rest of us;

Quick before the sugar rush drops!

Sleeping when we reach our house is really best;

In the car upsets the cops!

Waking up here’s the quandary, do we have the time

Can we let the children eat?

With prep for school, time to finish this rhyme

And the homework demon to beat!


Then Dad is off to fetch Catherine again,

From the far off school.

Dragging her from cartoons not made for children,

Adults watch while acting cool.


When it’s finally time for us to go to bed,

And I so won’t get to sleep!

Thoughts of Monday always pain my head

With appointments I must keep!



Published by autistsix

An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

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