Another great writing exercise from the Katharine  Susannah Prichard Writer’s Centre.

We had to concentrate on dialogue and we had 3 options

  1. Gossip
  2. I can’t remember (no I can’t that wasn’t the prompt)
  3. A declaration  (with the examples ‘of love’ or ‘ of war’

The contrast in the 2 examples resulted in;

“Terry, it’s good to see you again!”

“Madame you will address President Theriol Vladmir Masenko by his full name or title!” insisted a jerk in a general’s uniform.


“And you will address President Sonya Tatiana Kernacov when you are given my written permission, oaf!” countered one of her own men.

“Terry this is a Peace conference” the Insulan President sighed.

“You leash yours Tattie & I will muzzle mine,” laughed Reichan’s top dog.

“If you men can not control yourselves” began Tattie.  “Then you may leave!”

“Voluntarily, or feet first through the window!” finished Terry.

Tattie smiled with the rest of her face while controlling her lips so only the smallest corner curve was visible.  Terry came gliding across the room, put his hand n the small of her back; ostensibly to lead her to the negotiation table.   But Tattie caught her breath; momentarily unable to move.


” Come Tattie, we have work to do,” Terry growled in her ear.

“es President Mosenko, I am very aware of the importance of our meeting,” a professional tone gave Tattie a feeling of distance.

Terry looked at the woman he had known since she was 2.  His face clouded at the distance that had grown between them.


“Do you remember the street where we grew up Tattie?” he said as he chivalrously pushed in her chair.

“You mean the boundary between your tyranny & my Republic,” President Kernacov replied.

“Yes that would be the one!” laughed Terry.  “Desdalta Street it was then.”

“We didn’t even know we weren’t the same people then did we Terry,” sighed Tattie.

“The people are well aware of your history with this man Madame President!”  interjected Stephan; her “aide”.

“Which is why you followed me here to spy on me Aide Hinder,” said President Kernacov.  “If you should see a vital need to question my motivations again perhaps it will do you good to confer with your fellow traitors in Cosseko.”

Mention of the goal shocked & quietened the room.  Except Terry; there was a fire in his eyes & a broad smile as he stared at the quietly threatening but so pretty woman sitting opposite.


This is the unpolished transcription of the piece I scribbled for the exercise.  Please I welcome criticism.  I just hope it doesn’t offend.





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