Why I never read your posts!

There is one simple reason I don’t read some blogs I follow.  Their posts come up in my Reader but not an email notification.

Yes it is that simple loyal yet disgruntled follower.  I have sensory problems (I am autistic, I don’t mention this enough) and I find the Reader format triggering.  I have tried to use it 3 times but its a trigger to headaches & sleep so my maximum posts read was 2 in a row.

I have tried to go back to as many as possible & push the email notification buttons but I often can’t find them.  I’m sorry!  But I thought you should know that it has nothing to do with how interesting your work was.


Ever since the debacle where I didn’t realise you had to push the play button to hear/watch something, and thought we were being asked to “Like” the ideas that were being played elsewhere.  Shut up I think a lot of seriously weird things & this wasn’t even in the ball park of my wackier thought processes.  Any way, since then I have only ever pressed “Like” after having read the article; I may skim but I’m a very good speed reader so I rarely miss anything.  I only push like to convey my admiration; either I enjoy the work, appreciate the author’s sharing of a terrible experience, admire the writing & thought even if I disagree, etc.  I will not like your work if I don’t.  I sometimes hold certain blogs to even higher standards; for example not “Liking” their post if its below their usual standard or their quotes if I fundamentally disagree with them.


But I am running out of time and energy to read all the posts.  So if you blog multiple times a day (good on you that is your right) but I might pick 2.  If your post is about writing and I am not at the stage you are talking about I skip it (hoping it will be there if I ever get to that stage).  If you review products I’ll pick a few but not all; there are too many.  If you quote a lot of the Bible I may skip your post; sorry nothing against the practice but it brings up memories for me.  Similarly; horror stays with me too long, I can’t eat cheese and I have my limits for depressing stuff.  My point is not that anybody should stop writing this stuff; I can’t believe anyone thinks anyone else should  write to their taste.  My point is if your post contains these or whatever my daily mood trigger is, in them I may not read them even if I think your writing  or art is brilliant.

I love my followers, I love so much of the stuff that is being posted out there.  For the reasons above and other reasons I will go into later don’t take it personally if I don’t “Like” or read all of your posts.


And if you wish me, and technical nitwits like me, to visit create a prominent Follow by email button.


By the way I got a lot of ideas & inspiration for this post from the grumpy man at Harsh Reality, this is a phenomenal blog, he hates it when people steal his ideas and I may have so I am giving him the credit he deserves.

Pictures from Pixabay.

Published by autistsix

An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

8 thoughts on “Why I never read your posts!

  1. I can understand your situation. I myself will not read a blog if the title doesn’t resonate with me. One instance is politics, to me that is a personal thing and I will not read a blog bashing either candidate. I listen to the news, read about their platforms and draw my own conclusions. That is just one for instance, there are others but I won’t bore you with them. I say don’t worry about it, just do the best you can and enjoy writing your blog. :o)

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  2. Well, I’m out of it. I never realized you have a follow by email sign. So, just now, I pushed the button. I hope it works because I much prefer getting notifications of posts through email.

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    1. I didn’t always have one because I used to believe it was automatic. Computers are complicated little beasts! To prove it mine disappeared half the last sentence and I had to retype. I think it will try to stop me but doesn’t want to give me too much proof. 😛

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