Happy Halloween

As a Wiccan I avoided Halloween for years, observing Samhain, this wasn’t hard as Halloween wasn’t that big in Australia.  But in the last 10 years interest in Halloween has skyrocketed.

So I had been giving treats to visiting trick or treaters but I wouldn’t let my kids go out.  Then  a couple of years back Tabby was invited to a party and Gavin’s Mum was taking our nephews around.  I realised I was being ridiculous so I relented.  Costumes for all.

Now as I said before Halloween hasn’t been big in Australia until recently and there is still a lot of feeling against Australians adopting what they perceive as an American tradition.  So a few years ago the media encouraged people who wanted to hand out treats to decorate their houses and yards in the Halloween theme, while trick or treaters were encouraged to only approach decorated houses (in groups with supervision).

So we decorated (Tasha made the little witch in the window).  I only wish I’d reminded Gavin’s Mum, apparently they knocked on a lot of doors that wouldn’t open while Granddad stayed home with a bowl of chocolate & only 3 trick or treaters.

With Happy Halloween written on the front window I drew a ghost in white paint that was invisible but its shadow wasn’t, so spooky.


We got lots of kids in groups including 2 pumpkins in prams; the lady said they had a very clever nanna.  Last year school groups with parent supervisors were travelling together.  This year we had less but over 50 but fortunately we had plenty of treats; despite Gavin being stingy!

Straight after school I started on Tasha’s face paint so I would have time to do her boyfriend when he arrived at 4:00.  Half way through and we had to go greet Bf & his mum.  This was the first meeting of parents and the first get together outside of school.  I think it went well; I got permission to paint his face & explained dinner and trick or treating was at Grandma’s with the cousins.

I had set up some images of Halloween face paint on my computer for him to get ideas, then Gavin entertained him with his giant comic collection; which the Bf has been threatening to steal since Tash had told him about it when she invited him.


Gavin drove the two to his mum’s and my mum drove to get Tabby from School Drama rehearsal.

Alex then decided she would have a go, isn’t she brave, she’s doing spider web phobia desensitizing and she asked for this.

I had forgotten that a month ago I’d bought her an old fashion bombers helmet and suggested she combine it with her trench coat and dress as one of the Ghostbusters ( the older version with the two actors from F Troop) .  I forgot to take a photo but you can see her reflection in the window.


I then tried some of the new makeup I bought.


When Tab came home she announced she wished to join Grandma’s troup.

Good grief, Tash had specifically forbidden it before she left.  Although it was a different story when they got home; Tabby had shielded the couple from the constant onslaught of little boy cousins, so Tash was full of praise and apologies.  Although I was blasted because the red paint had gotten on Bf’s hair & glasses.  They had some trouble getting the lipstick off their eyes so I reminded her of the teabag as cleanser I had told her about yesterday & she texted him my advice.  Of course she didn’t use my advice for herself and still has pink eyes.

Anyway I’m ahead of myself Tab wore her Ringmaster’s jacket but the red top hat was too small.  (we are in the top 90th percentile for skull and bones so hats, gloves & shoes are hard to find).The diamond on her cheek looked a lot better in person.

Meanwhile the dogs were dressed in last year’s fashion, 😦

Oddly enough Cherise appeared to be a little scared of the visitors although we eventually realised it was the new bell.  And Charlie tried to grab treats from people and actually ran across the road to greet a dog being walked.  I called to the guy he was harmless but I was so scared of the cars.  Anyway each dog certainly lived up to their shirt.

Scary music and lights when the buttons are pushed.  Poor Cherise.

After all of this we had our annual Feast with the spirits.  And there were a few interesting coincidences.  We had berries and apple, lollies and small pieces of broken chocolate and musk sticks.  This year I had accidentally dropped some oats while my support worker and I made dog biscuits.  The pieces that had fallen on the bench on the flour I felt uncomfortable putting back in the bag and out of the blue I decided to try toasting them with honey (something that had never worked before), thus giving me the perfect Samhain nibbles.

Also when we added the instant coffee made by one of his girls for my step dad (luck we had some we’ve only drunk capsules for months) and the Coca Cola for my dad when Tash asked what about Val.  Gavin had opened some non alcoholic wine and I hadn’t had the heart to say no; Val had a lot to do with a winery they helped build next to their farm.  My step dad and dad passed some years ago and Val only recently.

We share food & drink, bite for bite & sip for sip with spirits, fee etc passing round cups so we all share, after a protection ritual. We lit candles and after the ‘welcome speech’ I added some of the interesting things I’ve been reading on Granny Moon’s Morning Feast to our Samhain discussion.

We even include pet food for current and past pets to share.  The kitten was out of his mind all day today, I definitely can see the interaction between our living & in spirit pets.  For the rodents there had been a bumper crop of rose petals matured in the garden as well as a good variety of herbs.

Tasha had shared our traditions with two very sympathetic teachers ( in an Anglican school) and her class, and was feeling very positive.  Cat & Gavin felt drained and tired. But once we got started we all had another great Samhain.

Blessings of the season


Happy Halloween.


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