Hurrah It’s Not the Neurofeedback

Hurrah, the neurofeedback is not the problem.  I went to Rikki Ambrosius and discussed my regression back into panic attacks, melt downs, headaches, sleeping etcetera ad nauseum.  So we looked at my current stresses.  And yah, my life is too stressful; it’s not my fault, and I haven’t broken my neural training.

I always knew that neurofeedback was not an answer in itself.  It was a method of dealing with a physical aspect that would give me more control.  And it worked.  Rikki had great ideas of where to go next.  We will continue the neurofeedback until it’s fully established but we are combining it with something else.  I am really happy.

It’s amazing the effect of neurofeedback, we tried something new and I had a tingling sensation over my most common stress pain sites.  I felt tears coming to my eyes and yet I felt refreshed and more confident.  It is so weird to have such a strong effect from watching pictures.

Best news Tabby; my 3rd eldest does have a brain & it works.

2 weeks ago poor Rikki failed to detect any discernable electrical impulses in Tabby’s brain.  (Mainly because Tab chickened out and wouldn’t be attached to the machine).  So I had to do a demo.

No clear sign of brain activity

This time she agreed to try and contrary to the opinions of the rest of the family, she has something going on in that head of hers.  A guy said to me afterwards something along the lines of ‘the A’s and B’s didn’t prove anything then’ but he’s her boyfriend and he is biased.

Not only does she have a brain apparently it is still very malleable and (like me) she responds very quickly to this kind of training.  I really think this is going to be so good for her.  In combination with other things of course.

Of course the evil little vixen has already beaten me to being published.  A poem she wrote is going to appear in a National compilation of school children’s work next year.  Now she is going to beat me at Neurofeedback; I don’t know how it can be a competition but I’ll work it out.


I wanted to show you the kinds of pictures Rikki uses but I couldn’t find them; these are similar;  courtesy of Pixabay.


Isn’t great to know my life is just too horrible and that nothing serious is wrong?

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