Crazy Update and Rabbit Advice Sought

My life continues weird, I am having panic attacks, silent not moving episodes, and crying every day.  It could be hayfever, it could be the approach of Christmas, it could be the accumulation of pushing myself too hard.  I’m a mess but I don’t feel that bad about it anymore.  I’m sure there must be an answer, I’ll just keep reaching out for help, and I’ll try to reduce stress meanwhile because the breakdowns are too hard on the family.

In the past you may have heard me complain about my mother who lives in the granny flat.


  • She lopped off the roses before I could take photos (seconds before).

    Where are the roses?
  • She has stolen the affection of my dog.

    Cherise the traitor.

Using her evil hench dog Amber and the temptations of that Adonis in wolf’s clothing Marley.

  • Now she is stealing the affections of my beloved kitten.
  • trio
    Orion; too young to know!


  • She has also stolen the affection of my four children; but I don’t care as much!


My other big problem (if I ignore therapists, health, finances and my kids’ education) is my rabbits.  Yes I know I have had many comments about how cute they are, but they are not nice to me.  They love Charlie.

I am a cushion that lets other pets walk all over me.

I have been using the technique where I let them get used to their surroundings and waitfor them to approach me; its been months.  Whisper is only just starting to sniff me but he won’t let me touch him.  Although he seems more bossy than scared.

“My fur and my mood are darker!” Whisper the boss!

Mercury may still be scared of me!

“I will eat your food but don’t touch me!” Mercury the swift.

Please, please does anyone out there know how to reach my rabbits’ little hearts so I can pet them?

At least they don’t spend the day in the Granny flat!  Darn you Grandma, and your irresistable dogs!

Published by autistsix

An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

2 thoughts on “Crazy Update and Rabbit Advice Sought

  1. My best friend owns a rabbit who was really scared at first. She insised on giving him his space and wonderwell in a yearnor so he turned into a hugger! What helped was staying calm and patient and giving him treats out of het hand so he got used to her smell.
    Don’t fret, your rabbits are going to love you! They probably need more time to get used to you 🙂

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