Charlie’s Lament

When I moved to my new home,

It was so big so much to roam.

It felt all quiet and I was wary,

I barked a lot when it was scary.

The scaries fled before my bark

I clung to mummy in the dark.


Then came the best news of all;

Grandma moved in just down the hall.

And with her came my two best mates.

When they arrived they were packed in crates.


Marley was my buddy bold;

Even though he’s a little old.

Amber was a maiden sweet;

‘Cept when she kisses me off my feet.


We played all day & had such fun.

But soon worries I had a ton!

Terriers run without a rest.

Spaniels are at sleeping best!

I was never left alone to think,

Dogs flying by, my mood would sink!


I couldn’t sleep or go ‘toiley’ time,

I thought that I would lose my mind!

I went thrice to the dreaded vet.

Mummy chaperoned outside, I’m her pet.

Charlie 120

Finally “Terriers!” my vet told Mum.

Now I’m not saying terriers are dumb.

But delicate spaniels need their peace,

Not always surrounded by gaggles of geese.

Cherise 137

So now our friendships fine again,

Cos I just see them now & then.

Cherise the Jacky spends all day

Caught up in their raucous play!

I stay & cuddle with the cats,

And gently chat with rabs & rats.





Published by autistsix

An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

12 thoughts on “Charlie’s Lament

  1. Yes, I’m completely sold on the breed. Cavaliers and Cavoodles are actually recommended for kids with Autism because they are so quiet & affectionate. Thanks for reading!


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