Why is There Cat Hair in My Cup of Tea

Well the obvious answer is; because you are stupid enough to own cats.  The cat’s answer would most likely be:

a. You went to the front door, what did you expect.

b. You lucky you, thank me for leaving you some tea later I have birds to annoy.

or c. What, you again, what are you bothering me about now?

Updates on the Crazies.

It is spring here in Western Australia.  And we all know what that means don’t we.  Hay-fever, less rain, longer days filled with evil blinding sunlight and heat.  Did I mention I’m not a Spring/Summer person.  I hate the Spring!  The only thing I hate more than the Spring is Summer, but Spring heralds Summer and Summer leads to Autumn, so Spring is certainly up there.


It also means doofuses on TV are starting to rave about our lovely fine weather.  And I can’t afford to throw things at the TV, at least not things that will break it.  We need rain, we always need rain.  But we can all be sweltering to death with our gardens burnt up, not to mention the farmers, and there will still be some twit on TV bleating on about fine weather and having a good weekend, outside, where the cancer causing, hotter than hell sunshine is; morons.


I have just realised that the weekend was not just a one-off.

So welcome to my Spring personality.  Apparently I hate lots of stuff and want people to know about it.

(I can’t tell what my mood is until I analyse psychosomatic symptoms & my behaviour.)

Oh the kids & Gavin have hay fever too.  I’m on 2 different antihistamines a day (doctor’s orders) but can take up to 4.  Unless I get an insect sting; 6’s the limit.

So if I’m not zonked by allergy I’m zonked by antihistamines.  I hate Spring!

The little kids are back at school tomorrow, except Tash had to spend from 9 till 4 at school play rehearsal.   Her boyfriend had better have been there.  I hate the latest school production, why do they need the cast of “Mean Girls” to do “High School Musical”. And I can just imagine how thrill packed spending 7 hours rehearsing for your role as background character X is going to be.  Shut up I am not a stage mother.  I don’t resent her small part; I resent the discipline of the staff in charge and the calibre of the rest of the cast.  Shut up that is not what all stage mothers say!

Choir is at 7:30 tomorrow morning.  But the great news is we got Tashs’s final report during the holidays & I have an appointment with her associate principal tomorrow so we can start organizing appropriate supports.

Thursday Tab is starting Neurofeedback; the wonder treatment I owe my new life to.  You know the thing that allowed me to write and subsequently reach all you lovely people.  The website to complain to is Rikki Ambrosius.  I’ll let you know if they can detect a brain to retrain.

Back to the cats, Smokie slept on the new cat tree for the first time today.  Yes, he is that stubborn.


Orion heard the camera being used.


So in my Human training today, I studied feeding myself.  In the school holidays I bought a tea set with tray.  By placing food & liquid close to me we are trying to avoid the regular dehydration that occurs way too often, and to avoid the too late realisation that I have forgotten to eat, I fall “asleep” & have to be woken to eat (usually chocolate) or …


The main idea is to try to repair my wrecked metabolism I have permission to eat whatever it takes to get me to eat regularly but I’m trying for healthy.  I’ve made my own dressing mint sauce, apple cider vinegar and virgin olive oil.  And a bottle of water with a 6th Tropical Juice and a splash of mint sauce (I like mint).  And we’ve filled a shelf with stuff I can eat.


We tidied a bit and got my calendar up to date.  Then we made Pumpkin Soup before F. support worker had to leave.  By the way the pumpkin was too big and the other ingredients were a little old so I just approximated 1  1/2 times the recipe & it still came out well so the recipe is flexible.

There’s a platter of watermelon for the kids to share when Tash gets home, so I’ve done my job for today.

Nap time now, nigh nigh!

Published by autistsix

An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

17 thoughts on “Why is There Cat Hair in My Cup of Tea

  1. I am going to warn anyone that reads this comment of a potential trigger warning. So anyone with an aversion to cats and/or weather seasons be warned.

    If you don’t like the summer then you should move to the UK. We have a season called summer but the experience tends to be somewhat deflating. The experience lasts about a couple of days of sunshine and then it’s suddenly autumn and then winter again. This leads to spring but springtime is very difficult to differentiate from winter, apart from the days getting longer. And then we have snow. Now that occurs at any time during the year, usually in winter but not exclusively to winter as some people in the north of England discovered this summer. When we have a quarter of an inch of snow on the ground all services and traffic grinds to a halt. This tends to cause the Canadians to break out into sounds of raucous laughter and finger-pointing as they write of their experiences of having picnics in blizzards and playing in temperatures of 20c below freezing etc.

    Cat hairs in tea EEEUK! I’d stop drinking tea then if I were you. Alternatively buy one of those cups that has a lid on it and you drink through a straw, a drinking straw that is, not the vegetation kind that you’ll find in a farmers field so I don’t want you to go rushing out and trampling a farmers field in the quest for a piece of straw. This would likely result in the farmer coming out and chasing you off his land and accusing you of playing with his hay bales, which they get very protective of.

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  2. We never ever get any snow in Western Australia, okay maybe once in 6o years in the far south where I am not. We have a season called Winter but it is only a few days and it barely rains. Maybe we should house swap. How do weeks of 40 to 45 degree heat (Celcius) that 104 to 113 in Fahrenheit. 38 degrees or 100 F is considered mild. 🙂 House swap then, please, you can keep the kids! Please! 🙂

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  3. Provided you take the cats as well then. Not too keen on them as they are somewhat sociopathic – waits for the beatings from cat-lovers – and I’m allergic to them anyway. I’ll keep the King Charles spaniel as they are lovely dogs 🙂
    You’ll also have to make sure you keep the songbirds in my garden provided for every day (especially the robins that nest in my garden now). All except the wood pigeons. I don’t like them as they are messy, destructive, and greedy. I’ve had so many run-ins with them I don’t know where to start. I am wondering about the advantages of setting up a camouflaged machine-gun nest to take care of them. And then there are the cats. They keep trying to find ways in to the garden GRRRR.

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    1. I’m a cat owner not a cat lover so I know what they are like. You’d better get in quick with Charlie there are two support workers trying to get him. I love birds; so it sounds like its on, my cats don’t hunt, well anything. Remember you said you’d look after the kids.

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      1. Yes ok the kids will be no problem. One question: what about your husband? If he’s staying then I have to say I am not going to fulfil surrogate ‘wifey’ duties for him no thank you, that is very definitely a no no.

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      2. You’re kidding, without my husband I’d die. He fetches food and drink, reminds me to eat & drink them and takes away stuff I shouldn’t consume. Including some really yummy shortbread I found in a box, blah blah 4 years old. Oh and if anyone did any wifely duties (and I do mean any) he’d faint in shock. Who would dress me, make me go to bed, make me get up. Anyway I’ve already promised him snow.
        But did I mention his evil mother in law lives with us. Ha ha you wish I’d leave the husband.

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      3. Well that’s alright then. And regards the evil mother in law, I’ll just keep a few crucifixes and bottles of holy water around the place. Plus it’s coming up for Hallowe’en so we’d get a night off whilst she flies around on her broomstick 🙂

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  4. Well, I always tell people “If you don’t want chaos in your life, then you aren’t ready for a kitty!” That goes for destroyed furniture, broken knick knacks, and cat hair everywhere, including one’s tea! On the other hand, if you can handle chaos, you get laughter and the joy of a purring kitty on your lap!

    I agree that people who find a day with temperatures in the high 30s or hotter to be “a good day”. North of the equator where this is the Fall, we finally are experiencing comfortable weather and cool nights. July and August are hell months, temperature wise, where I live.

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    1. I love chaos, I just also love complaining. Especially cats I love their condescending ‘the woman’s going off again’ look. I really entertain the kitten with my complaints, plus telling the cats off amuses the dogs and Echo. Although to really amuse the cats & dogs we can pretend to smack the kids, they really love that. The kids pretend to want sympathy and the pets look superior. Oh good grief I am revealing a whole new level of crazy. Thank you 🙂


  5. 2 dogs for me, 2 in the granny flat, 4 cats & 2 giant rabbits. But they wouldn’t chase a lizard they’d run. The worst that happens when I’m asleep is lying all over me, except the kitten who climbs under the covers and suckles on my ear. The main time they fall on me & do damage is when one of my charming children hoist one up in the air & then drop it on me. LOL


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