5 Top Tips for Instant Success with Love, Money & Other Great Stuff

  1. Be the only living relation of an elderly (really close to death) multi billionaire.


Then don’t stupidly mess it up!


2. Find something incredibly valuable that you can make a legally binding claim on.  Then monetize it in whichever way will make you incredibly wealthy.


3.Invent something incredibly useful &/or popular.


Don’t mess up the patenting & distribution.  Although messing up a clever person’s invention in your own favour would work.

4. Become something really well paid; like the world’s greatest ever neurosurgeon.


This would be very time consuming unless you are already a brilliant con man so it should probably be your last resort.


5.  Work hard, apply yourself.  Okay, okay number 4 was the penultimate resort.  And while on the internet don’t waste your time clicking on random collections of buzz words with unbelievable promises.


I know I didn’t mention love, but if you believe in finding the answer to untold wealth can be found on the internet, you probably believe love can be bought.  As it indeed can (but only in the circumstances below):

This is not an ad for Pixabay, but it could be!

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An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

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