Happy Halloween

As a Wiccan I avoided Halloween for years, observing Samhain, this wasn't hard as Halloween wasn't that big in Australia.  But in the last 10 years interest in Halloween has skyrocketed. So I had been giving treats to visiting trick or treaters but I wouldn't let my kids go out.  Then  a couple of years back Tabby … Continue reading Happy Halloween

Experiments in Face Paint

In between melt downs; mine & the kids, this weekend I tried my hand at face painting. Years ago I volunteered to help a face painter at a Primary School for Australia Day; she didn't turn up.  I enjoyed the experience so much that I have wanted to repeat it ever since, but nobody uses … Continue reading Experiments in Face Paint

Chocolate is not the Sweetest Thing in This Shop.

On our way home from the KSP Writers' Circle we stopped to have lunch at Whistler's Chocolate Company in the Swan Valley.  We being Grandma, Alex and me.  I know what you are thinking, chocolate for lunch!  Actually I had a chicken pastry with salad, Alex had a sandwich wrap and Grandma ate chips; which … Continue reading Chocolate is not the Sweetest Thing in This Shop.

Hurrah It’s Not the Neurofeedback

Hurrah, the neurofeedback is not the problem.  I went to Rikki Ambrosius and discussed my regression back into panic attacks, melt downs, headaches, sleeping etcetera ad nauseum.  So we looked at my current stresses.  And yah, my life is too stressful; it's not my fault, and I haven't broken my neural training. I always knew … Continue reading Hurrah It’s Not the Neurofeedback


Alas it is that time of year when Winter turns to Spring! The weather warms then chills again; to give our lives some zing. The garden flowers? Overtaken by weeds before they have a chance. And stupid people on TV talk of joys of Spring & dance. The pollen flies to every nose & eye, to … Continue reading Spring

Crazy Update and Rabbit Advice Sought

My life continues weird, I am having panic attacks, silent not moving episodes, and crying every day.  It could be hayfever, it could be the approach of Christmas, it could be the accumulation of pushing myself too hard.  I'm a mess but I don't feel that bad about it anymore.  I'm sure there must be … Continue reading Crazy Update and Rabbit Advice Sought


For the latest KSP writing exercise we were given 4 choices.  Each choice included the final line and the main character.  It was great fun.  Here is my attempt: "Oh drat, not again!" Sam rechecked all his pockets for the fourth time. Sam opened his battered faux leather briefcase up on the quilted bed spread. … Continue reading Searching

Advice for Training – Rabbits

In order to train first create a need, No affection given 'til you have the lead! True desperation should take about a week, Add a couple more; acting kinda meek. Offer glimpses of your fur as soft as silk, Your back of ashen grey, tummy white as milk. They'll soon work out your heart's key … Continue reading Advice for Training – Rabbits

I’m A Little Scared

Neurofeedback gave my life clarity, it enabled me to write.  I thought my life was finally going somewhere.  I have being doing things I haven't done in years, I've been doing things I've never done.  I was shocked at my lack of anxiety and how much I was getting done. I had a melt down … Continue reading I’m A Little Scared