Agoraphobia. Part 6 The End

Part 1          Part 5 Unfortunately it is difficult to push the little fledglings out if we won’t leave ourselves.  So, frankly, I am being forced into the horrible, ‘real’ world for the sake of my kids.  I hate maternal instinct.  And please realise I know that I am doing all this … Continue reading Agoraphobia. Part 6 The End

Agoraphobia. Part 5

Part 1          Part 4 It’s confusing; a neurotypical friend of ours called fairly last minute to cancel an outing because she had a headache.  My brood were very confused. “But Mum, you can’t cancel something for a headache.” I had to explain to them that people that rarely have headaches need to … Continue reading Agoraphobia. Part 5

Agoraphobia. Part 4

Part 1          Part 3 Not that I’m any better!  Left alone I sometimes feel I need a shower about half the time I fall; only when I’m alone, I seem to have a lemming (actually the lemming thing is a myth) instinct and am inexplicably drawn to the shower when I am … Continue reading Agoraphobia. Part 4

Update on the Crazies

They are all sick, they have some sort of virus & they are not taking my orders or doing my bidding; can you imagine the gall. Okay maybe not all of them; Cat is just suffering from sullen resentfulness; so no change there.  And Tash is just exhausted because she got home at 12:00 last … Continue reading Update on the Crazies

Agoraphobia. Part 3

Part 1        Part 2 You see there is nothing out there that is sufficient compensation for the fear, pain, confusion and humiliation.  Add to that my husband and our oldest two faint under stress, I become immobile, talk too indiscriminately and can’t eat/drink properly, they all have a tendency to wander and/or … Continue reading Agoraphobia. Part 3

Agoraphobia. Part 2

Part 1 The second eldest doesn’t object to going out, she doesn’t cooperate but at least she doesn’t object.  Why don’t I ask her if she wants to go out?  Because half the time she is nonverbal, and discussing feelings or going places is likely to trigger her.  When she is awake properly she is … Continue reading Agoraphobia. Part 2

Agoraphobia. Part 1

Crazy or A Truer Kind of Sanity. I think the constant enemy of the Autistic parent raising Autistic children is the knowledge; deep within your soul, that you would all be happier alone (together) locked up in your house. Home is lovely; strong & solid.  Calming shades of blue, marine & purple; tones that reduce … Continue reading Agoraphobia. Part 1

Mum’s Home Tomorrow

(I couldn't read this earlier in case she sticky beaked from Victoria) Mum’s Home Tomorrow Don’t blame me! In vain I tried to fight To stop our errant knight But to me he pays no mind He’s just trying to be kind A chance he could see! Don’t blame me! The dragon’s flown the nest … Continue reading Mum’s Home Tomorrow

The Castle is Lost

It's the end, the beloved battlefield; Castle Cat, is finished.  Admittedly it is 3 years old and has been well loved, but recently pieces have started to fall down.  Probably not helped by repeated invasions by the rabbit brothers. With one big kick Whisper dislodged one of the perches so it was over.  Fortunately we … Continue reading The Castle is Lost

Tabby Messes with the Wrong Mum

I don't remember the first thing I noticed that Tabby had done wrong; I wish I could so I could tell her off.  But she and her little sister was off at school choir rehearsal for a big inter school performance trapping Gavin in Mirrabooka for 2 hours, and on Replacement Father's Day too.  I … Continue reading Tabby Messes with the Wrong Mum