Yes Again The Versatile Blogger Award

But first a word from my sponsor, well me anyway; I have been freaked out for the last few days because I am not receiving notification of the posts of all the people I’m following.  I follow by email because the reader hurts my head.  If you have the answers to either of these problems please let me know.
So days ago just after the first one I was nominated again by Clumsy and silly.   This site needs to post more often and I need to find out whats wrong with my follow thingy,  I love you but I don’t know you well enough to sum you up, except fun and kinda cute (blog not the person don’t remember if I’ve ever seen…).  I’m going to stop blathering now.

Okay so here are the rules,

1. Thank the person who nominated you
2. Share the award on your blog
3. Share seven random facts about yourself
4. Tag 10 bloggers with less than 1000 followers and let them know they have been nominated

Thank you Clumsy and silly, for this undeserved honour.

See above +versatile-blogger-award

Here are the seven random facts about me:
1. I studied religon for a year at university.
2.I love winter and hate summer & spring.
3. Wolves are my favourite wild animals.
4. I just read Avalon High by Meg Cabot because my daughter bullied me into it even though I’m 45 and the target audience is teens.  I also have to admit I loved it.
5. I sometimes pretend to be a T. Rex when I get up early to play with the kids.
6. I have always been scared of werewolves.
7. I haven’t finished the Harry Potter series because I am scared it will make me too sad.

10 more nominations are you kidding, nominating less than 100 people hurts my head.  Rules are rules!

Zannie in Tallinn


Recipe in a bottle

The pathless woods

The eternal scribbler

No talent for certainty


The Racket-Rotter Chronicles


Random Writings on the Bathroom Wall

Now I have to tell them and then I have to spend the next few days saying why didn’t I nominate…  But I have a secret!  Shhhhhhhhhh

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An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

30 thoughts on “Yes Again The Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Well thank you Autistsix, I’ve never been nominated for an award before and it’s very kind of you. It shouldn’t be too difficult finding others to nominate, the problem will probably be that I’m spoilt for choice really as there are so many good bloggers. I’ll get on it today.

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    1. I look forward to finding out more about you. And spoilt for choice is the problem, deciding which one of the brilliant bloggers to send an award to is so hard; its like being asked which is your favourite child. I always answer with the name of whichever dog or cat hasn’t been naughty lately, but so far none of my pets has a blog!

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  2. You’re very welcome, you are very deserving of this award. Those are interesting facts ☺️ And dont worry you aren’t the only one that knows so little about me, kinda a mystery even to those who know me in person. 😳 Although I’ll try my best to post up more soon. Keep blogging you amazing person ❤️

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