To make an appointment we had to go,

Sit at Social Security for an hour or so.

Masses of people buzzing around,

No eating or drinking signs abound.

Alex was on her computer to try & stay sane,

I had my writing pad to do the same,

Mum had her Kindle, so she was alright.

All we had to do was sit tight!


Out of nowhere Alex’s head just dropped

Her computer slid as her body flopped.

As I looked on dumbly; mouth wide open,

Mum said “Grab her computer it’ll fall again!”

A computer in one hand, note pad in the other,

My mind started swirling, with no sign of cover

Without my writing to quiet the din,

I realised quickly the trouble I was in!


I started to twitch & I couldn’t speak,

I managed a growl at Alex’s last squeak!

Mum said “That’s it, we really can’t stay!”

But leaving would mean a repeat another day!

I suddenly realised  I was biting my lip,

An injury now would be an unwelcome blip,

I had firm plans later for plenty of kisses!

Not going to happen if my lips were in pieces!

Never before had I prevented such harm,

I concentrated hard & could just move my arm,

A stress toy flower on a cord round my throat,

Knocked into my mouth; my teeth to coat.

“You can’t make an appointment, you can’t even talk!”

“No!” I growled & I would not rise to walk.

With all of this effort & Alex still out,

These darn bureaucrats could learn what Autism’s about!


Watching me jerking my burdens around,

Mum realised where my efforts were bound,

She took the computer & I closed the book,

The chance to plan she quickly took!

Finally working me free of my silence,

I returned to my writing to make me less tense.

A pleasant conversation started by a stranger,

Talk of writing, Autism and Alex’s danger!


Conversation in  full swing I heard them call my name,

“It’s okay now Mum, we’ve reached the endgame!”

I handed over my papers across the large table,

With a note showing times the support staff were available.

Hours of stress when it could’ve been over in a minute,

A simple envelope with the papers put in it.

Instead three people; all in great pain,

Just waited & worried.  It will happen again!



Published by autistsix

An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

23 thoughts on “Waiting

      1. Because of the severity of the breakdown I can get an advocate for a short while, that is the silver lining of the breakdown. Unfortunately government agencies are reluctant to admit that dealing with government agencies is stressful. We live with the problems of their myths. But its okay I’ve got an advocate for a while now. Thank you for you concern, it means a lot to me! 🙂


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