Tidying up

Autistsix was supposed to be a mixture of 75% sensible, rational discussion of autism & its related problems & 25% rubbish to soothe the troubled mind – mainly mine.  I was reliably informed by Anabel Smith who taught me how to blog (please leave all complaints with her) that I would have many months of patient waiting & OCD perfecting of my site before my first view.

Little did Anabel know the power of the magic little word – autism.  Autistic people are like vampires  & zombies, well yes in myriad special ways very alike; but as per usual I digress.  Autistic people are like vampires & zombies in that we seem to be popular at the moment.  We are in vogue.  Any moment now I expect us to be growing human-like hearts and making out with Kristen Stewart.  Wait, yuck, okay Emma Watson!


What was I talking about?

Oh yes!  Then David Snape started following me & I got all over excited & now I have a big blog thingy that is messy, out of control & people I haven’t met keep looking at it!

Blob or Blog

Yeah I know it kind of sounds really creepy doesn’t it.  I’ve always thought there was something strange and unnerving about the whole idea, but again digress, digress, outright ramble.

So when I realised that not only had a not posted a particular poem; I was attempting to refer/link back to in a recent post when I couldn’t find it (because I hadn’t actually posted it so it wasn’t there), but I couldn’t find a copy of said poem anywhere on my computer.  It must be on either my website or my computer because I had a copy printed out, which got mussed up and thrown away shortly after I forgot to take it to Writer’s Circle.  So clearly I must clean up & categorize my website and my computer memory.  Everything must be labelled and indexed and in straight lines like life should be.

Unfortunately unreasonable people like my family are insisting on me doing dull stuff like tidying my non virtual house, eating, doing my jobs (even through all my jobs are voluntary & I don’t get paid) & talking to my idiot children their millions of therapists, support workers, educators and friends.  And my husband I should probably talk to my husband.


So please bear with me as I slowly fix up my website including re-posting  some stuff in a new & improved format; same old boring stories with neato pictures & proper links.

I am going to try to rebuild my website even though my evil stingy husband has banned me from printing it all out so I can physically organise it in paper form first.  Blah, blah, blah reams of paper… Blah blah ink…


So what was my point?

Oh I’m going to try to pretty/neaten up my website & to this end may repost old stuff.  This will take a long time because I am ASD/OCD Autism spectum disorder/obsessive Compulsive disorder so perfectionist & well obsessive and depressed – I sleep and or stare into space a lot.  Meanwhile if you have any complaints, critiques or ideas please put them in the comments because this will be your best chance to influence my website.

And my entire future.

And the future of autistic kind!

And soon we will all be making out with Emma Watson or Brent Spiner or preferably both.


Hurray for Autistic kind!

And on to a better, more Autistic tomorrow!

Published by autistsix

An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

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