Agoraphobia. Part 5

Part 1          Part 4

It’s confusing; a neurotypical friend of ours called fairly last minute to cancel an outing because she had a headache.  My brood were very confused.

“But Mum, you can’t cancel something for a headache.”


I had to explain to them that people that rarely have headaches need to take care of themselves because; they may not know the cause, they may make it worse by accident, they may be frightened at least a little, and most importantly of all if they miss one day out of a hundred for a headache it’s no big thing, but if we stopped for every headache we could never go anywhere ever.


Why on Earth do I still leave the house I hear you ask?  I have this irrational faith in professional advice.  People who are supposed to know about these things seem to be convinced that leaving your home is important.  Despite my own thoughts and feeling I must concede that doctors etc. may be correct, opting out may not be the best option.  It is possibly better for us to at least try to integrate into the real world.

Staying home.

Now it’s too late for hubby & me; Yah!  Besides we are consenting adults that can make the clear rational decision that there is nothing out there for us; well not now there is internet shopping.  But apparently it is very important for the children’s development for them to meet people who aren’t me.  They may have a point but I am more reasonable when not under stress, like not having to talk to anybody outside the family.

Part 6 The End

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An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

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