Update on the Crazies

They are all sick, they have some sort of virus & they are not taking my orders or doing my bidding; can you imagine the gall.

Okay maybe not all of them; Cat is just suffering from sullen resentfulness; so no change there.  And Tash is just exhausted because she got home at 12:00 last night.  She had the Combined Anglican Schools Choir Concert last night (Tabby couldn’t go the virus hit the throat).  We got two tickets but no one that could drive was fit enough to go.  But sick as he was we couldn’t organise anyone to bring Tasha back so Gavin had to drive out and get her; 2 hours freezing to death in a carpark because the concert ran late, then they had told him the wrong place to pick her up.  Then he had to feed her.

She & her dopey mates “dabed” for the choir photo.
Battle of the Photo Divas

I may have a virus, it may be psychosomatic, it may be unrelated stress/allergy problems; its not that bad so I hope I’ve got the virus (I don’t want what they’ve got unless this is it in which case they are wusses).

Enough of the humanoids; this is Pixie.

“I do exist! I just avoid strangers & photos”

I tried for a better 2nd photo but she wanted a cuddle instead.

Smokie has forgiven me, not Gavin yet though.

“If you steal my box I am prepared to kill you!”

Gavin just told me this morning Orion tried to jump into the higher box at Smoke (floral decorated corner of the photo).  It being empty & precariously stacked, dropped him on the floor much to Smokie’s amusement; revenge has been a long time coming!

Smokie has been on the new cat tree; Cat, Tash & I picked him up and fussed over him, took him to the tree and put him on the box in the middle.  With lots of patting and praise he didn’t jump straight off.  Orion saw him & I think he decided Smokie’s mood had improved so he raced over.  I would swear his initial intentions were friendly but he is a boy, so after one loving sniff, Orion decided to play high cat and headed for the top.  Smokie noticed and irregardless of his feelings for the tree he was not going to be beaten by the pipsqueak.  Smokie hit the top first (no photo alas) and stayed there lightly bopping the kitten now and then for 20 minutes until Orion gave up, then he hopped down and resumed hating the new cat tree.

New Cat tree + evil Orion

So yesterday (no support staff) I decided to pursue my attempts at winning the affection of my rabbits by bribing them with greens.  I went into the garden and gathered clover, carrot tops and parsley.  While I was there I harvested some mint for the rats and yet another attempt to create a healthy water supplement that would enable me to drink water without choking or vomiting (hurrah autistic super taste).  I, of course had a panic attack that continued for about 15 minutes back inside.  But I was determined to move forward so I laid my rabbit trap; a herb trail to my chair where I would hand feed them earning their love & trust.

On to my drink plan; I was going to make a lemon syrup to add to the herb & lemon zest infused water at the point of drinking.  This way everything would keep for longer.  I sent Cat to get the lemons from the tree and had her rinse them.  I rinsed the mint.  Long story short I made the water infusion fine.  But started panicking and forgot what I was doing while making the syrup; I have no idea how much sugar or lemons went into the final concoction.  Cat went & told my mother I was out of control.  I was allowed to finish the syrup, but Cat wouldn’t let me clean the kitchen just because she already had.

Cat made me a bed on the couch, but when she wasn’t looking I sneaked back & bottled the syrup.  Okay I did pour it into the wrong jug once and a couple of other things but most of it ended up in bottles.  I had more syrup than bottles so I experimented and made this really yummy lemon drink (in the bottle with lemons in) but I think it would only be healthy if there was less syrup.  So now we have 3 drink choices; mint enfused water, mint water with a splash of lemon and yummy lemon drink.


I had a lovely nap!   The rabbit trap failed!





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