Tabby Messes with the Wrong Mum

I don’t remember the first thing I noticed that Tabby had done wrong; I wish I could so I could tell her off.  But she and her little sister was off at school choir rehearsal for a big inter school performance trapping Gavin in Mirrabooka for 2 hours, and on Replacement Father’s Day too.  I believe I noticed something so either she borrowed something and I noticed it missing or more likely something she had dumped.

I had then decided to get on with some jobs; like cleaning the party decoration off the front door.  We don’t use the front door much so I kept forgetting was up there still.


I went to the front door and the evil munchkin had sabotaged my work.  She had wiped off:

‘s House

and left the:


cleverly under my pretty angel so it would look like Tabby was connected to the angel.


SANY0025 b.JPG

Not on my Watch!

I had no choice I had to undo the evil she had wrought.


Terrible Tabby has gone off to play

Twisting the music in her own warped way!

At least for me there’ll be some PEACE today

While Tab & her sister are off, Faraway!


Published by autistsix

An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

2 thoughts on “Tabby Messes with the Wrong Mum

  1. Her little sister saw it first & ran to get her, then her dad had to physically restrain her from rubbing it off or breaking the window. Everyone else saw it first so we all had a good laugh but we thought her little sister might burst.


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