Sweet Sixteen

Happy birthday sweet sixteen!

sweet-sixteen-balloons-701710My 3rd daughter is 16 (31st).

I can not post much because I have spent the day making a 78 page card (I am known for my mean cards) a fully illustrated book picking on the recipient using their favourite things.  In this case pretending that 16 is the age where you have to make all of life’s decisions (she is allergic to decisions) and suggesting her responsive would be to go silent and faint (it is) and that we might use this opportunity to steal her presents.  Decorated with anime, lion king, the Secret Show (mum didn’t know it and the 6 of us in perfect unison said “Victor, are you still alive?” great moment) and pink.

It can’t be that mean because this year I couldn’t resist a gorgeous 3D dolphin card that I wrote nicely on.  I put the nice card on top of the present pile along with her sisters’ cards.  She was so disappointed until she found the mean card hidden under the presents.

I also had to wrap 48 presents, including curling ribbon on the breakables.  It’s not as good as it sounds it included some cheap toy rubbish, but my autistic darlings get a big thrill out of the unwrapping so we wrap every little bit separately.

Not a big problem if I wasn’t still so behind from last week.

Which reminds me I am about 10 days behind (at worst) my emails and have about 1000 to read, so sorry!

I would have shown you the pictures but I can’t wake her father up & he’s hidden the camera (well put it some where).

Oh and I have to clean the house because Friday teenagers are coming and yes we are very very scared.  Same night the youngest has a school dance.  Then Saturday its Blogging workshop No Kids Allowed!

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An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

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  1. Sorry about the delayed replies to everyone, I wanted Tabby to answer herself and she has been incredibly busy. So busy she has hasn’t had time to insult me in days, and she’s way behind in her eye rolling.


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