So What’s Wrong Now?


Last 5 days I have been ‘unwell’.  So yet again I play the lovely game of what’s wrong this time?  I know this is not a game exclusively for autistics; but we have a whole level of complexity with our ultra speed psychosomatic reactions as well as our comprised internal sensory system; hyper sensitivity and absence or displacement of sensation.

First draw a symptoms card: headache, lethargy, runny nose, face pain, scratchy throat & ears, difficulty concentrating/reading, bursitis & rheumatics kicking up.

So who are our contenders this week:

  1. Our old friend anxiety; it’s definitely been a hell of a week.
  2. Allergy; it explains all the symptoms but the antihistamines aren’t working.
  3. Cold or early flu; explains all the symptoms but it would be the third this month.  Yah autism has a high correlation with a mildly compromised immune system.
  4. Dental abscess; regular visitor.
  5. Infected sinuses; another frequent visitor.

And there are the contributors; the guys that can’t take me alone but they are a big help to the main chancers:

  • The cold; I like the cold but the older I get the more pain I’m getting from cold.
  • Pressure; many auties have pressure super senses, so most of my symptoms could be down to change of air pressure, but it usually doesn’t go on this long without my body adjusting.  But the first day of this air pressure definitely took out Gavin and 2 of the kids.
  • Guilt.

What does it matter you might ask, just ignore it:

  1. If I have anxiety I have to push through ruthlessly to go outside & get things done or I will steadily get worse.  If I avoid others thinking it’s 3. my agoraphobia & hypochondria will build up.
  2. I should take extra antihistamines and search out the source and deal with it.
  3. I need to sleep and not push myself to recover faster & not get a complication, plus I should try not to infect others and there are a few people in my life I should particularly avoid.
  4. Not a big problem, although my doctor seems to think I should stop trying to self cure.
  5. If it is this one, even if it is only starting I have to act quick, sinus infections in my body get really bad really quick; one time I fell unconscious, and one time I almost fell unconscious in the doctor’s office, both times I needed intravenous antibiotics.  But I’ve got a few methods to ward this one off; doctor approved I’ve learnt not to mess with my sinuses.

So I feel bad, not incredibly bad, but tired and a bit disoriented, but its just frustrating trying all the different cures and I’m just so tired.

By the way sorry for ignoring you all, I have much shorter rational periods at the moment.

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An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

14 thoughts on “So What’s Wrong Now?

  1. Auties…never heard that before! Cool. I hope you feel better soon! When I’m sick it’s a matter of
    1) is it somatic?
    2) is it anxiety?
    3) do I actually have proper symptoms?
    4) is it a seasonal thing?
    5) is it a crazy head thing?

    Ah the joys!

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    1. Autism is a life long condition, so is crazy. Oh do you mean the symptoms described above, yes I am looking forward to that. LOL ! I’ve been through this so many times by now I know what to do, I just get moody and irritable while doing it. So if you are into prayers or anything I’ll survive but my family is living in fear! I’m scary enough on a good day!

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  2. Hi. Thank you for enjoying my blog. But it seems like there is a more simpler way for treating an illness. You know doctors don’t know everything. Take care now.

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