Writing Nonsense In My Sleep!

I have recently discovered a new super power.  When I am sleepy I can spin words into nonsense.

Blue dart frog Dendrobates tinctorius in terrarium. Colourful bright tropical frog.

When I was a child and last week my mother could always tell when I was overtired, because I would become chatty; animated, fun and chatty.  Alcohol works as well but there’s a family history and  well that’s another story.

So when I’m returning comments at midnight I discovered I couldn’t control myself, my typing, like my tongue, became uncontrollable.  I leave awful long comments that fly wildly off topic.  Shut up this is on topic so far.  But do I really care?

You crazy people don’t seem to notice the difference between sensible, meticulously researched writing, which I have so far not done, and nonsense.  So until you complain I will continue to waste your time with my semi awake ramblings.

I should point out at this point (point point I am so sleepy) that because of the upset of yesterday and a few extras (See below) I have spent today drifting in and out of sleep, after volunteering this morning.  I am currently on a lunch break between naps.  So I am probably writing with all the cool detachment that a person sleeping while sitting up watching her fingers move over the keys in hypnotic movements…  No, no I’m awake!

Back to complaining the English teacher decided to replace Strictly Dancing for Year 10 movie review with Dead Poet’s Society  I know its a beautiful movie.  I haven’t seen it, Gavin has and as our most resilient movie watcher he is more against any of us ever watching it than I am, he says it is ending shocking and depressing.  Why are they trying to depress teens?  I was talking to a (lovely) lady who suggested that studying these things help kids learn to cope.  I’m now worried that this is coming back to an autistic processing problem again; I never find understanding an emotion helps me cope better with it.

So I’m trying to see if Tab can be exempted from English from now on.  She completed her literacy level for year 12 in Year 9.  Blew it right out of the water, so she’s provably literate.  I very much doubt it will be possible though.  There are ways for literacy under achievers to make up their literacy requirement but I’ve never heard of an over achiever being allowed to  avoid English because its dangerously disturbing and they don’t need it.

Complaining over, it’s starting to make me yawn and I have one or two things to do today.  Including finishing this blog in the sensible manner intended:

If I write better when I’m half awake, well more voluminously with about the same level of competence, should I try writing when I am asleep?

Gavin often sleeps on the couch with his computer on his head, or his phone , the remote control &/or the cat (usually Smokie sometimes Echo).  So maybe he’s writing in his sleep.  Oh my goodness the poor baby, he writes really sad stuff, beautiful but sad, oh the poor thing is having sad dreams!  I am really going to have to remember to kiss that man at least once a week even when I am busy.

The important thing is; dear readers, what is the answer to my all important question (see above)?  I await your replies.

Insane but still at large, Lisa.

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An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

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