First Word Destiny

DangerI was born, I said my first word.

You must believe me; I know it’s absurd!

I said  “axolotl” after much teaching!

My dad & his friend just kept up the preaching.

I think they were aiming to encourage my learning.

One day a big salary I could be earning.

Instead they awakened a quite different interest,

Pets are my obsession & I’ll never rest,

I must have more pets, I need them to love!

A snake or a ferret or maybe a dove.

To own any reptile there’s a licence to get.

I’ll get information from my favourite vet.

Once the licence is mine it will be time,

Frogs, turtles & lizards all will be mine!

I have fish, I have mammals, I have a great bird!

Now back to my childhood and to my first world.

Amphibian keeping was my destiny I thought!

I like axolotls but axolotl keeping was fraught!

But lately I heard something new,

The breeders had problems, I found it was true.

Inferior amphibians had been all you could buy.

I decided right then; again I would try.

I looked and I searched and eventually found

I was really lucky there weren’t many around

I bought my dear Flutter & her brother Danger.

From a shop I don’t know where I was a stranger.

Poor Flutter didn’t grow, a year later she died!

Her brother just stamped around; we think he cried.

So we put up her picture to be his new friend,

Now Danger is happy; a delight again!

My own axolotl to love and to hold.

Swimming about more now that it’s cold!

Strictly speaking Danger belongs to my daughter!

Tonsil surgery earned her a pet in some water!

But Tash is too young so she must go to school;

In her absence I dance to sweet Danger’s strict rule!

Published by autistsix

An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

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