Parable of Power Rangers


Lo and down from the mountains came a youth dressed all in green.  And within his heart a fire of anger inspired by a woman of the hills who had claimed to be a prophet.

Within the town centre he found three youths and with them two virgins of great beauty.  These were the followers of a noble father, all equal in virtue and brave of heart.  Their leader was all in red and each wore a different colour; black and blue were the colours of youth, pink and yellow clad the maidens.  Gently they spake unto the youth in green and bade him welcome.

The beauty of the virgin in pink drew the young stranger, her soft words impressed him.

But the poison of the mountain witch boiled in the heart of the youth in green.  The group freely offered fellowship to the stranger.  But secretly he did spurn them and turn his hand against them.

And unto the group of colours came a strange new foe.  They felt great regret in raising their hands against another but theirs was the cause of righteousness, and pity must not cause them to falter.

For months they met in battle; the youths of colour and the stranger in green.  The stranger in green led an army of strange creatures, the youth in red led only his companions frail and mortal.

Finally the stranger fell wounded in battle.  As his host fled in fear, for loyalty was unknown to such creatures, the youths came to his aid.  And when they realised their foe was the youth in green, a mortal man just as they, they let forth great cries and lamentations.

“Why would a mortal man, our new brother Thomas turn his hand against his fellow man and walk the path of evil”.

And of all the lamentations the virgin in pink was the loudest, for in her heart was great trust for Thomas and great was her desire to be his wife.

And lo a voice spake from a cloud of smoke, it was the voice of their noble priest Zordon.  “Hold thy hands, for Thomas was poisoned by lies and by the magics of the witch.  As he walked the path of evil he did turn his eyes towards righteousness.”

And so the group did turn unto Thomas and greet him as brother.

The youth in red bade Thomas to stay with them and battle as brothers in righteousness.  And they all did clamour for Thomas to join with them, and the maiden in pink did entreat him with her modest words and with her soft eyes.

“I am not worthy to join you, but will aid you with all my body and soul, my brothers.” spake Thomas through tears of joy.

“Hold,” spake Zordon.  “I say unto you that Thomas will no longer be clad in green, he shall instead be adorned in white.  And he will be your new leader!”

A great silence fell on the group, for though great was the joy at Tommy’s return, their leader in his garb of scarlet hue had been steadfast and true.

“Children,” spake Zordon, “Great was your leader in red and no word  of reproach ere touched him.  But the path ahead is most treacherous and Thomas must lead for has he not walked blind on the path of darkness and come home to righteousness.  And the youth in red shall stand at his right hand.  And ye shall all battle as brothers, for you are all equal in my heart.”

And the youth in red did bend his head and clasp the arm of the leader in white and they were brothers.

And the group did rejoice and embrace each other.  And they did feast upon burgers of ham and great flagons of soda.  For they were now truly the Rangers of Power and mightily would they morph.

Fan Fiction of Saban’s Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers.

Published by autistsix

An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

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