With Spirit Part 2


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“Sean is just a jerk!” Jerry told Lea on the rare occasion bile overwhelmed tact.  “He’s just using you, honey, you owe him nothing.  Can’t you, I don’t know, sense that he’s no good, that he’s lying to you?”

“Jerry, psychics have trouble reading for themselves,” she replied, tearfully, the last time he let fly.  “My feelings; dreams and doubts, hopes and insecurities get all muddied up with the psychic feeling, spirits that walk the earth may be as fallible as real people or they may even be biased somehow, I don’t know, like they see the world through the eyes of the living so when they are with me maybe they see the world through my eyes.  Maybe I’m just realistic, maybe a girl like me has to take what she can get.  Sean is so gorgeous, so cool, so capable, so maybe he lies a little, maybe he cheats, maybe he’s using me.  Maybe I need to hold on to him as long as I can because the only guy I can get is a guy that can use me to get something he wants?  I can’t be alone anymore, I just can’t!”

Wal, Richard Wallace was 1st camera.  He was a hell of a nice guy and at only 26 was one of the best camera men Jerry had ever worked with.  Wal was a guy to watch; he was an artist and would be one of the greatest cinematographers in the world if Jerry was any judge.  Wal often talked about Lea.

“Lea’s so insecure, she just won’t back herself.  She’s told me herself sometimes she thinks he’s a jerk but she always realises that she’s wrong & he’s right.  She’s not wrong!  She says she feels he’s a jerk, but maybe just projecting.  Projecting, Bull!  Sean is a jerk, he is worse than a jerk.  There aren’t even words bad enough to describe that, that bastard!  He isn’t fit too…” Wal always stopped mid-sentence.

Jerry would just listen to these monologues whenever Wal needed to vent.  Jerry wondered if he trailed off because he was afraid of his own anger.  Wal was a gentle guy, the artistic type even though he looked like a dock worker; well those cameras were certainly not light.  But Jerry could tell Wal had a crush on Lea, was even in love with her maybe.  If he was Wal’s age he’d of…  Actually Jerry had always been shy around women, the more he liked them the more tongue tied he became, but a lot of women had liked him, maybe they saw him as the silent type making him perfect for the role of the good listener, then eventually Jerry might reach the ‘friend/brother they could tell their troubles to’ level thus permanently writing himself off as a potential love interest.

Josie; she said her name was, she was the agent for the property and wasn’t it so exciting making a TV program.  She asked if she could stay and watch, of course Sean agreed readily.  A stacked cougar looking to fill a temporary position, Sean’s perfect other woman, Sean seemed to need to get back in the dirt sometimes.

Candlenook Close was the name of the house.  It was to be hoped a young child had given it its name although I suppose the type of people who would want to build a new reproduction Georgian mansion in small town California might do just about anything.  It seemed odd that such a new building, only 4 years since it was finished, would be surrounded by a heavily overgrown garden.  Obviously an abandoned house wasn’t going to be neatly trimmed, but it was amazing how quickly the thick vines had covered the building.  Surely the shade trees making up the acre of forest that surrounded the mansion on three sides were so huge they would have to predate the building, but the trees that brushed the walls & roof were the same size as the rest of them.  Dank, moss covered pathways wove claustrophobically through the dark trees.  Sunlight struggled in vain to reach the house.

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