KSP Writing Challenge 2

Runaway quickly this is about politics.

And it is written by an uninformed loon.

And it isn’t even funny!

And you have been warned!

My preferred Prime Minister would be someone no one has yet heard of.  I do not believe power corrupts; it is the pursuit of power that leads men & women to the abandonment of their ideals, their values and their morals.

Our political system requires candidates who have had to compromise to get where they are.  Some a little, some a little at first.

Every so often a plot or scheme; a leadership challenge or some such stupidity occurs within any of our more noticeable political parties.  People are forced to join one side or the other.  In the aftermath the sycophants and the liars easily change their minds and their allegiences to fit in with the new order.  But for the precious few that last lie, that last compromise is too much; they weigh their career against their soul.  Some may be determined to hold on; determined to hold on, to bring back principles to our country’s government, but some will realise that if they continue they will no longer be themselves.

To survive this system a politician with his ideals intact is either watched by whatever god he believes in & landed fortuitously always in agreement with the winning side; or his ideals were never particularly ideal.

So for me the ideal Prime Minister comes not from any political party.  Instead I would favour a meritocracy.  Though this system too has its problems; the greatest experts in various fields not necessarily making the best administrators.

This question initially brought to mind Chinese Face Reading (I think it was called Siang Meng sorry can’t remember).  If the Chinese face-readers are right then we must look for the man or woman with the face of a good leader; kindness in their eyes, compassion in their jawline, & with my preference a touch of devilment in their ears.

But it is not just their method of finding character that interests me; it is their definition of what makes a good leader.

A great leader is a great follower.  This seems at odds to our Western ‘common-sense’, where we seek our leaders amongst those who stand apart, those who will not join the crowd.

A great leader does not seek office.  He reluctantly takes responsibility when he sees need.  This is true of some of our politicians but they do not seem to go far with it.

A great leader cares more about others than for himself and a great leader is humble.  C’mon folks, they’d eat him alive.

Just for information this is about Australia; we just had an election but I believe we still don’t have a government.

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An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

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