No Blood This Sunday

I was at the KSP writing centre this morning and they gave us an exercise I really loved.  We had to write poetry or prose on one of two topics.  I will have to paraphrase :

  1. Who would be PrimeMinister if you could choose anyone?
  2. A villain and a superhero are siblings having Sunday dinner with their parents.

Tabetha Beggs thank you for all your brilliant ideas.

I wrote both because I am weird & I loved them both too much.

A poem “No Blood This Sunday” hint; it’s not politics.

Dinner with the folks

Greet them all with jokes,

Mum’s just left the kitchen

Already Brian’s ‘bitchin’                   (Sorry)

What did you do last week?

“My friends say you’re a freak!”

I say you mean old Fred

Well guess what he’s now dead!

Then Dad tells us to shut up!

He knows I’m just a cut up.

And what about the bank?” says Bri

“If we ever catch ya you will fry!”

Dad says “Listen to your mother,

For god’s sake he is still your brother!”

I laugh and say again,

“You can’t beat the League of Evil Men!”

“I work with superheroes,

You’re just a mob of zeros”

Mum calls “Come to the table”

Dad says “Eat while you’re still able!”

Published by autistsix

An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

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