Please Rain

Why can’t it rain?

Why can’t cool drops of water,

Fall onto my daughter?

Get me out of this pain!

Why can’t it rain?


Without rain they have gone to the park.

All I want is to start to drive home,

No longer to roam,

But they must continue to lark!

Without rain they have gone to the park.


At home I have so much to do!

Typing notes on where we’ve been,

Things to tidy & clean.

For me this outing is through!

At home I have so much to do!


At home I could sleep!

Snuggle down with blanket & pillow.

With luck it would snow!

I’d no longer weep!

At home I could sleep!


Published by autistsix

An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

5 thoughts on “Please Rain

    1. My poems are silly, stress relief and I use them to coax my kids out of stress based withdrawal/mutism. My 2 youngest had gone across the road with Grandma & cousins, I had my 2nd eldest freaking out & a worsening headache. But I want my kids to enjoy the park, Grandma & their cousins so instead of complaining I write the poem and then speak it with my second eldest until she makes happy noises then starts to echo the words. Then when they return I read then the poem in an exaggerated wounded tone and we all giggle. I hope my tone didn’t sound off. I love your comment and hope for more. I assumed you wanted an explanation but I’m new to this stuff.:)

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      1. My sincere apologies, i wasnt infering to the poem.
        Just read the poem it is an absolute beauty.

        I found approximately 15 notifications of likes coming in fast to my comments on a single post and thought it was irritating, but perhaps you are a bit of a joy to care and shower some love to me. Many Thanks. You run a wonderful blog, prayers and support with you. Earned a new follower who is keeping tracks of your post. Cheers. – Cezane from Pb

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