Hurrah 101 Followers

I have 101 followers.  I do not understand any of this. First, thank you thank you, thank you! Second is this weird?  I haven't even got my web/blog thingy working right yet.  Is everyone crazy?  I'm confused, proud, confused, scared, grateful, confused & headachy. I don't cope well with any form of socialization, I never … Continue reading Hurrah 101 Followers

First Word Destiny

I was born, I said my first word. You must believe me; I know it’s absurd! I said  “axolotl” after much teaching! My dad & his friend just kept up the preaching. I think they were aiming to encourage my learning. One day a big salary I could be earning. Instead they awakened a quite … Continue reading First Word Destiny

The Envelope Guest Post

Gavin Holt's (The long suffering husband) Fiction.The envelope sits on the table. The house is cold and dark. It is early evening, the sun has set and twilight is dwindling. Everything is quiet. Everything is in its place. The bedroom is immaculate. All his things are away in his drawers and wardrobe, all neat and … Continue reading The Envelope Guest Post

Frustration Eating Me Alive! Part 2

Part 1 here But lately as my two youngest reach the age that it all fell apart for the older two I am starting to feel a frustration at these events.  I am afraid it is my internal conviction that my girls are talented but will never get anywhere. It is very disheartening to see … Continue reading Frustration Eating Me Alive! Part 2

Frustration Eating Me Alive! Part 1

A child on the school stage plays a wrong note.  Ha, triumph; this will teach you to steal my child’s limelight.  A second bad note, oh my God, that poor child!  How can I be such a monster?  She’s my child’s friend! But I feel that my kids need to be seen.  They need their … Continue reading Frustration Eating Me Alive! Part 1

Parable of Power Rangers

  Lo and down from the mountains came a youth dressed all in green.  And within his heart a fire of anger inspired by a woman of the hills who had claimed to be a prophet. Within the town centre he found three youths and with them two virgins of great beauty.  These were the … Continue reading Parable of Power Rangers

Pride of the Holts (A Battle Epic)

  Like out on the savannah rocks well after the midday heat, Two lions fight, but slowly, not to kill, just to beat. Atop the cat tree lounged Smokie; the elder, but still prime. On the second tier Orion, the kitten thought this was his time! Orion struck the first blow, he also drove the … Continue reading Pride of the Holts (A Battle Epic)

The Secret to Writing Really Long Posts

1.Drivel; don’t clutter up your writing with information or even intelligent thought or opinion. Ideas take up space in the brain of the reader & stop the gentle flow of pointless, pretty words floating in and out of their heads. 2.No that’s it writing drivel is my only advice. It has so many benefits.  It … Continue reading The Secret to Writing Really Long Posts

Dyslexic Daughter upDate

In my normal style of dealing with anything I have acquired books about my daughter's 2 new conditions. I can't read them yet.  When I find a subject stressful I find when I try to read about it the words swim & hurt my head (more than usual).  I often read by mentally spiraling the … Continue reading Dyslexic Daughter upDate