Parable Homework

Note sent to school –

Dear (Identity Protected),

Tabitha was unable to finish her Religious Education homework assignment because we consider the assignment to be irreligious and inappropriate. As the saying goes…

“Lo and from the mountains did come a priest. Many days had he walked so when he came upon the house of a farmer he gave thanks unto the Lord for his deliverance.

Hearing his prayers the farmer and his family found the priest. They brought him into the house and placed him by the fire. Their meal was humble but they shared it freely with the stranger.

Warmed and refreshed the priest thanked the farmer. But in the farmer’s family was a girl child not full grown, bold and headstrong was this child for she was third eldest and felt not special.

Boldly the girl spoke unto the priest and said “Father, I have written a parable and would have you hear it”.

“Blasphemy!” said the priest and smote the girl with his staff and she fell dead upon the floor of her father’s house.

For she could not have written a parable as she had not heard the word of God and she was being silly.”

Yours not at all sincerely,

Mrs Lisa Holt.

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An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

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